The wind energy market has experienced global growth both in the onshore, nearshore, and offshore market. With Thomas onboard, Cotes further strengthens the global wind energy team.  

Thomas will join the Cotes sales team at the headquarters located In Aarhus where he will bring many years of experience in the wind energy industry. In fact, Thomas has been involved in the wind industry since the late '90s where Vestas and Bonus (now Siemens) was still up and coming and the offshore wind industry was a pioneer project.  

During the decades the danish wind industry took off and Thomas was part of the global growth journey which took him to China. Later on, Thomas worked with OEMs like Spanish Gamesa in the Spanish wind market and finally GE in the US where he was stationed for 4 years focusing on wind turbine protection and the internal environment of the turbine. 

Before Cotes, Thomas was a specialist in how to seal different parts of the turbine in the best possible way to extend the lifetime of the turbine. Now, at Cotes, Thomas continues his focus on protecting wind turbines and extending the lifetime by retrofitting Cotes dry-air solutions (adsorption dehumidifiers). 

To be able to follow the global growth in the market, international understanding Is valuable. Thomas knows the global wind industry and most recently worked to grow the DAFA business in the US. DAFA is a Danish manufacturer of gaskets, sealing tape, and sound and vibration damping solutions to the wind industry and other segments. Thomas brings both skills within networking and a good understanding of the global wind energy market.  

“I think sealing a turbine properly and avoiding humidity are 2 sides of the same coin. It is all about securing a longer lifetime for the components of the wind turbine, both in the tower and nacelle.” 

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