For more than 30 years Cotes has delivered dry-air solutions for the wind energy industry. In all these years Cotes has always sought to improve and renew both core business processes and dry-air solutions. Alongside an increased focus on the wind energy industry, we can proudly present our new CFO, Irene Mortensen, who will focus on core business and ERP systems integrations.

Irene has 8 years of experience with the role and responsibility of being CFO. Recently, she had the title at the large Danish advertising agency, namely Envision. Besides her great knowledge of finances, Irene also has experience with digitization and Implementation of ERP systems. As such, Irene will provide Cotes with high-level understanding and skills when it comes to optimizing our core business which will enable us to perform even better and deliver solutions faster according to our clients' needs.

Our dehumidifiers are made to protect wind turbines (and other industrial applications) from the harmful effects of humidity. This is only possible for us to achieve when the business processes run smoothly.

Irene explains that she is dedicated to being part of creating sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for the business and for customers, through a continuous focus on improving.

"I have joined Cotes in a time where we face several new and exciting opportunities of growth, which will increase the complexity of the company. My focus, together with the Cotes team, will be to maintain transparency towards this development and continually optimizing the processes across the value chain. I am excited about this new adventure and along with all my new colleagues, both in Denmark and Poland, we are looking at some pretty interesting solutions", explains Irene after her first 2 weeks on the job.

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