April 12, 2021 4:28 PM
Cotes is the world's leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers for offshore wind turbines and recently elected 
Axel Manøe Jepsen into its board of directors.

Axel Manøe Jepsen is the General Manager of the engineering company R&D, and with a background in engineering and decades of experience in directing positions for optimising operational processes with a strong market focus. Axel adds invaluable competence to Cotes’ future endeavours in the wind industry and complements the board’s current profile well. The change in the Board of Directors constitutes the third addition in 12 months so that it now consists of four external members that are helping Cotes in reaching its goals:

The accession coincides with Cotes' imminent plans to refocus the company strategy on the growing needs of the wind industry.  

"Cotes is in the process of changing from a traditionally thinking manufacturing company that sells to everything and everyone to being the preferred partner in carefully selected segments," Business Development Manager and Owner of CotesThomas Rønnow explains.

Cotes has been producing and selling dehumidifiers for offshore wind turbines for over 20 years with a global market share of over 80 per cent. In addition to the wind energy industry, Cotes also sells its solutions for a range of industrial applications through a global network of Partners.

Cotes dry-air solutions protect wind turbines from humidity and moisture-related damages throughout the entire life cycle. Wind turbines are at the mercy of the harsh weather conditions in offshore locations, causing corrosion and mould that lead to electrical faults, turbine failures and ultimately high maintenance costs and safety risks. Cotes dehumidifiers use a patented adsorption technology that removes salt and moisture from inside the wind turbine throughout the entire value chain – from conception, through transit and long storage periods, and during the installation, operation and maintenance of the turbine.  

We see an increasing interest in our solutions in the rest of the value chain, including onshore wind turbines, which in many places are also surrounded by humid and salty environments. For this we need to further strengthen our competencies and network", Thomas Rønnow elaborates.  

The addition of Axel Manøe Jepsen’s expertise to the Cotes family is the first step in doing so.

"I look forward to offering my experience in product development, project execution, networking and market focus", Axel Manøe Jepsen declares.

About Cotes

Cotes develops, manufactures, and sells the best adsorption dehumidifiers on the market and has the experience and industry know-how to find the right dry-air solution for your business needs. Since 1986, Cotes delivered more than 100.000 superbly engineered, high-quality adsorption dehumidification solutions to clients around the world — both big and small businesses alike. With headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, and production and R&D facilities in both Denmark and Poland, Cotes is the trusted dry-air solution provider to some of the biggest names in the global wind energy, food production and lithium-ion battery manufacturing to mention a few. Cotes, the right way to dry.  

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