How do I specify a Cotes Ultradry dehumidifier for a Li-ion battery dry room?

Cotes offers standard Ultradry solutions for Lithium-ion battery dry rooms. The Ultradry solutions come in different sizes to cover many performance demands.


You will need to have the following information to get a Cotes Ultradry product recommendation:

  1. Internal moisture load [number of people inside the dry room at the same time]
  2. Fresh air requirements (for positive pressure and extraction if applicable)
  3. Room operation conditions (humidity and temperature setpoints)
  4. Design/peak ambient conditions or at least consider geographical conditions
  5. Available utilities on-site location (electricity, cooling water and heating water)

To ease the process of communicating performance requirements it is recommended to work on a common document that collects such data. Cotes has made a spreadsheet for this purpose. For a copy of the  document contact

For standard specifications, please reference the Ultradry product datasheet:

Cotes Ultradry Dehumidification System For Battery Dry RoomsCotes Ultradry Dehumidification System For Battery Dry Rooms