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Cotes gives over 140 million litres of fresh drinking water in 2022 and 2023

In Partnership with UNICEF

We Give Back The Water We Take

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers remove hundreds of thousands of litres of unwanted moisture from the air every year from all kinds of industries around the world.

Since 2022, Cotes has partnered with UNICEF, donating 74 million litres of fresh drinking water annually to those that need it the most. We're committed to continuing this effort in the coming years, and you can help us give even more.


This calculator uses dynamic energy prices and your dry room data to calculate how much energy you can save. By choosing the right way to dry you can obtain high energy savings with up to 92% compared to conventional dehumidifiers.
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Enter your dry room data:

1 H
8760 H

How many hours a year is your dry room operational? In other words, how many hours a year is your dry room staffed and producing batteries?


Conventional systems are dependant on ice water that requires more energy to generate. To dry a dry room you need both a heating and cooling source. What is your cooling source price in EUR/kWh?


Conventional systems are limited to either electricity and/or gas as a regeneration heating source. Cotes Exergic Technology however makes it possible to select a combination of sustainable sources of regeneration heating.


Because dry rooms operate at extremely low dew point it makes a big difference how many people work in the dry room at one time. 

-120 °C
-25 °C

What is your prefered nominal operating dew point inside your dry room? Cotes Exergic Technology can reach dew points of -120°C in an unstaffed room, though we see most dry rooms only need to maintain a dew point of -60°C. 

Based on your data Cotes Exergic Technology can provide you with the following:
  • Dry air requirement
    0 m3/h
  • Annual energy consumption
    0 kWh

Compare Cotes Exergic with the competition

The issue with current non-Cotes dehumidification is their high dependency on only electricity and gas. Cotes Exergic Technology allows you to choose a combination of sustainable energy sources like:

  • Waste heat (District heating or waste heat from elsewhere in the li-ion battery production) 
  • Biomass or Biogas (if available and sustainable) 
  • Solar thermal panels 
  • CO Heat Pump used for both heating and cooling. Pay once and use twice. 
  • Electricity (From sustainable energy sources, i.e., wind power, hydropower, solar power and/or nuclear power) 
Cotes Exergic Technology can reduce energy consumption and costs. All you need is hot water

Depending on your sustainable source of energy to heat the hot water at 80°C-90°C in Cotes Exergic Technology, you can save up to 92% energy consumption in your dry room.

Get an overview of how much energy you can save by using Cotes Exergic Technology compared to our closest competitor.


Want a more detailed analysis?

Send us your contact details and our highly skilled team will reach out to find the right way to dry your battery dry rooms with Cotes Ultradry. 


Humidity Management

Why's humidity a problem?

Uncontrolled humidity gives rise to all kinds of nasty problems, including condensation, corrosion, mould, fungi and bacterial growths, mechanical, electrical and electronic glitches, powder clumping and system blockages. 

Dry-air Strategy

We're ready to help you

We don't make light of the problems you face with humidity, in fact, we take it very seriously. Providing you with the right dry-air solution starts with a conversation about your business needs and what your dry-air strategy could look like.


Cotes has a global offshore wind turbine market share of over 85%

Wind Energy

Offshore, onshore and nearshore

The nacelles and towers of wind turbines are exposed to the elements as are the sensitive equipment and electronics inside them. Protect your wind turbines throughout the entire lifecycle.

Energy savings in battery dry rooms up to 85%

Battery Manufacturing

More sustainable Batteries

Battery dry rooms represent 43% of the total energy used in battery production process. With Cotes Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers, battery manufacturer can cut that energy consumption dramatically and source the remaining energy from sustainable energy sources.

Protecting freshwater with dry air

Waterworks play a crucial part in our freshwater infrastructure which is why we have to protect the integrity and productivity of this infrastructure from the harmful effects of unwanted humidity.  

Food & Beverage

Humidity issues in Food & Beverage Production

If you are a food or beverage producer that cares about quality and hygiene, then you understand that unwanted humidity in your production is a risk that you should not take.