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What different corrosion categories are there?


Corrosion category Possible reduction in the thickness of unalloyed steel Common cases
C1 - Negligible =≤ 1.3 µm Heated buildings, offices, schools, stores, etc.
C2 - Low => 1.3 – 25 µm Low-pollution atmospheres and unheated structures prone to condensation, such as storage areas and sports halls.
C3 - Moderate => 25 – 50 µm Urban and industrial settings with limited SO₂ pollution, coastal regions with minimal salt content, and production facilities with elevated humidity levels like laundries and breweries.
C4 - Substantial => 50 – 80 µm  Industrial environments with moderate salt exposure, including chemical plants, swimming pools, and coastal docks.
C5 - Very high => 80 – 200 µm High-humidity industrial zones, salt-laden coastal areas, and sites with persistent condensation and heavy pollution.
CX - Extreme => 200 – 700 µm Marine environments characterised by elevated salt concentrations, industrial zones with exceptionally high humidity and corrosive conditions, and subtropical or tropical climates.