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What is an LK module?

The LK module allows the moisture to be drained away in liquid form instead of as hot, humid air. The module encloses the regeneration circuit and cools it down by blowing room-air across the heat exchanges inside the module. By cooling the regeneration air, the moisture condensates on the surface of the heat exchanger and drains away at the bottom of the cabinet. The LK module includes a fan to ensure circulation of the room-air to cool the heat exchanger. 

With the LK module it is not necessary to drill holes for the ducts or extend them far to reach the ambient – instead a drain is required to lead the condensed water elsewhere. Thus, the solution is ideal in applications where it is a challenge to reach the surroundings with the regeneration air. However, note that the LK module will heat up the room with a heating power equivalent to the power consumption of the dehumidifier.