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What hygrostats can I buy through Cotes and how can I decide on which one to use?

If you have a configuration A dehumidifier, you might want to buy an external sensor to control for the desired humidity. 


The DR10 is our most simple hygrostat. The DR10 is a mechanical switch that will close or open depending on humidity. The hygrostat can be set in the range of 35-95%RH and will make sure to switch the unit ON/OFF around the setpoint. For further details on this controller, please have a look at the DR10 datasheet.

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The DA20 hygrostat is the most frequently used electronic hygrostat. The display/controller is connected to the dehumidifier by a wire. The controller can provide an ON/OFF run signal depending on either %RH or DP. Capacity control (0-10V) is available only for %RH. For details about this hygrostat solution, please refer to the DA20 datasheet


DA20 UK 3511-3-1