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Why is the temperature in waterworks so important?

By nature, waterworks create an environment with high humidity levels. If left uncontrolled, moisture in the air can result in damage to the integrity and decrease the productivity of the infrastructure.

When approached, dehumidification specialists are asked:

  • What is the temperature of your water? 
  • What is the typical humidity setpoint in waterworks? 
  • What are the temperature of the coldest surface (dew point) and the room temperature?
  • What is the area and temperature of any water surfaces? 

In most cases, the water temperature is 4-8°C. This means that the surface temperature of the pipes is roughly the same. However, the environment temperature tends to be higher, leading to condensation. To avoid this, the dew point temperature needs to be lower than the surface temperature of the pipes.

It is advised to maintain a temperature inside the waterworks that is at least 2°C higher than the water temperature. Simultaneously, you must keep the RH value at a relatively low level, and that requires dehumidification.

With a Cotes dehumidifier, the controller is set to have a dew point temperature a few degrees below, meaning that you do not have to worry about the room temperature as this setting avoids condensation.

If you are experiencing humidity in your waterworks, contact one of our partners in your country or region. Visit cotes.com/partners to find the Cotes Partner for you and your business.

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