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Why is a high-temperature heat pump an ideal enhancement to the battery dry room adsorption dehumidifier?

A high-temperature heat pump is highly energy efficient and gives you the best of both worlds – in terms of heating and cooling.

An adsorption dehumidifier for battery dry rooms needs cooling power on the process air side and heating on the regeneration air side. 

A high-temperature heat pump can be used to remove heat and moisture from the process air side (cooling and condensation) and move this heat to the regeneration air side (heating). By doing this, most of the required thermal energy is simply moved from one location to another within the system. By that, the net energy input can be reduced significantly. 

A great benefit of the high-temperature heat pump, in comparison to alternative heat pumps, is the high temperatures that can be achieved by the gas cooler on the hot side. When a high-temperature heat pump is combined with the Cotes Exergic technology, the temperature level delivered by such a heat pump will be sufficient to ensure high dehumidification performance (we prefer at least 85°C water). 

Conventional non-Cotes drying systems will require higher regeneration temperatures (typically 140°C to 180°C) to achieve similar performance, which can't be ensured using a heat pump. Hence gas or electricity is required.

Different types of high-temperature heat pumps are available. The most common is CO₂ or ammonia. 

A German research institute calculated an 84% saving in dry room consumption by combining Cotes Exergic technology with a high-temperature heat pump. 

Cotes do not supply high-temperature heat pumps but refers to industry-leading suppliers like: