Humidity causes issues in wind turbines

Avoid mould, corrosion and electrical faults in your wind turbine

Cotes helps companies like Vestas, GE, SGRE, ScottishPower, Ørsted, RWE, Deutsche Windtechnik, Shanghai Electric, Equinor and many more keep the RH inside their wind turbines under 60%.

  • Deutsche Windtechnik improves the operation and pre-heating process of onshore and offshore wind turbines that have been off-grid for more than 48hrs by using a Cotes adsorption dehumidifier.
  • Extending the Nysted Offshore Wind Farm operational lifespan to over 30 years using Cotes dehumidifiers.
  • A recent independent study by Fraunhofer confirms what Cotes' engineers have known for a long time, that there is a direct correlation between humidity and the technical faults that occur in wind turbines.
  • A conversation with Stiesdal COO, Peder Nickelsen, on the issues facing the wind industry today and the benefits of a sustainable dry-air strategy for operating and maintaining wind turbines - onshore, nearshore, and offshore.
  • A report on humidity conditions in offshore wind farms with a specific look at the Akita and Noshiro wind farms which are part of an offshore wind farm project off the coast of Japan currently in development.


NOTE: If you are a developer you should have a clause in your RfP and owners requirements stating a mandatory 60%RH limit inside the wind turbine.


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