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How do I know which model line will suit my needs?

Most applications can be resolved by means of a standard dehumidifier. The dehumidifiers can be either 3-holed or 4-holed. If you are in doubt of the difference between these two kinds, please refer to this topic. Generally, a 4-holed dehumidifier will offer better performance compared to a 3-holed unit. However, the 3-holed machines are more compact as well as easier to install. 

While the units are of different sizes, have different control options, and some have special features – they operate similarly and can be used for various tasks. For the most part, the standard family (C30, C35, C65 and C105) will be an excellent place to start when considering a Cotes dehumidifier for stationary installations. For temporary installations / mobile units, the CR-B line will be an excellent place to start. 

You’ll be able to find a brief description of the product families here.