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Is mould a problem in a wind turbine?

It can be a problem if technicians are exposed to mould for extended periods in time or if the technicians are already having respiratory issues, mould can exacerbate these health issues. Some technicians will flat out refuse to service assets until they have been cleaned, which is an unnecessary and costly consequence of mould in your wind turbine.


Mould, fungi and bacterial growths of all kinds occur easily in environments where the relative humidity is high – the humidity helps give them the best conditions in which to spread and flourish.
This can give rise to many kinds of mould and rot, affecting structural integrity, and usability. 
Such growths can then result in significant damage to surfaces.


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Mould colonies frequently cover substantial areas of the turbine's internal surfaces. Mould can occur in both onshore and offshore turbines. Whether your wind turbine is onshore, or offshore, you need a dry-air strategy to avoid mould.


wind turbine mould

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