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What is an adsorption dehumidifier?

An adsorption dehumidifier uses a rotating wheel (rotor) with moisture-adsorbing properties to remove water from an air stream passing through it. The wheel is afterwards dried (regenerated) by another, the heated flow of air. This means that moisture from one flow of air is transferred to another, warming the flow of air by taking advantage of the rotating wheel. This differentiates an adsorption solution from traditional cooling-based (or mechanical) dehumidifiers. 

Adsorption dehumidifiers work best when the water has penetrated deep into a material such as walls and ceilings. You may see condensation or even mould formation in such places which indicates that an adsorption model may be better suited for your needs. They also work better (higher effectiveness at lower costs) in unheated environments, as will be most common in food and beverage production based on the safety requirements for your produce and product quality. The drier and cooler the air in the production areas is, the better the adsorption works. 

Since adsorption dehumidifiers do not depend on initial cooling to remove moisture from an airflow they are not subjected to temperature limitations as the condensation dehumidifiers are. There is no theoretical limit to how dry the air can be made and it can reach dew point temperatures far below 0°C.


→ built to last in many industrial applications → modular design
→ customised for all needs → preventing issues caused by high humidity



Overall, adsorption dehumidifiers offer a compelling package of benefits, including energy efficiency, precise humidity regulation, ease of maintenance, and unmatched dew point capabilities. These features make them a valuable and reliable solution for various industrial and commercial applications requiring effective moisture control and climate management.

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