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What is Cotes Exergic Technology®?

The name “Exergic” stems from the word “Exergy”, which is a measure of the available energy in a given system. This is the essence of Cotes Exergix Technology, A dehumidification system that can keep the dry rooms dry using almost any energy source. All you need to do is heat water up to 80°C.  

A dehumidifier using The Cotes Exergic Technology®typically requires 30-40% less energy than a conventional dehumidifier. Furthermore, it enables the dehumidifier to run at low nominal temperatures of 80°C (instead of 140-180°C), making it possible to use hot water as the energy source (instead of electricity or gas). Any combination of sustainable energy sources can heat this hot water :   

  • Waste heat (could be from ovens in the battery production) 
  • District heat 
  • Biomass or Biogas 
  • Solar thermal panels  
  • High-temperature Heat Pumps (replacing chillers)  
  • Electricity 
  • Gas 

Depending on the actual specification and source(s) of energy, Cotes Exergic Technology® would typically reduce the electric consumption of the dehumidifier by 60-80% (up to 92%). 

Another benefit is flexibility. Any new source is easily adapted if the energy availability or pricing changes in the future. It is only a matter of changing how the water is heated.  

Our Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers are all based on Cotes Exergic Technology®.See datasheets here, and see how it works here.