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What is Cotes Exergic Technology®?

Cotes Exergic Technology® is a patented innovation used in the Ultradry-air Solution for battery dry rooms. It focuses on maximising energy efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing CO₂ emissions. The term "Exergic" is derived from "Exergy," which refers to the measurable energy potential within a specific system. This technology harnesses Exergy principles to optimise the dehumidification process for battery dry rooms.

The Exergic Technology® employs a three-rotor system, utilising a three-step drying process that enhances energy efficiency. Each rotor removes 90% of the moisture at each step, resulting in a cumulative 99.9% moisture removal. This gradual approach leads to a remarkable 30-40% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional one-rotor solutions that aim for 99.9% removal in a single step.

The introduction of two more rotors has a significant impact on the dehumidification process. These additional rotors allow for a three-step drying process, which results in more efficient moisture removal. It enables the system to pre-dry the incoming fresh air before it mixes with the return air from the dry room. This pre-drying step reduces the energy loss that can occur when moist fresh air mixes with the air inside the dry room. As a result, the dehumidification process becomes even more effective and energy-efficient.

With the Exergic Technology®, each rotor only needs to regenerate a smaller portion of its moisture-absorbing capacity (90% instead of 99%) at each step. Consequently, the regeneration process becomes less demanding, requiring lower temperatures and less energy. Therefore, hot water at a low temperature of 80-90°C (instead of 140-180°C) can be used for the regeneration process, which can be conveniently generated using various renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Battery manufacturers can use a combination of sustainable energy sources for hot water:

  • Waste heat (could be from ovens in the battery production)
  • District heating
  • Biomass or biogas
  • Solar thermal panels
  • CO₂ heat pumps
  • Electricity generated by wind, hydro, or solar power

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The overall impact of Cotes Exergic Technology® on energy consumption

Cotes Exergic Technology® offers an advanced and highly efficient solution for moisture removal in battery dry rooms. By combining three rotors, a three-step drying process, and low regeneration temperatures, the technology achieves remarkable energy savings of up to 40% for battery manufacturers, leading to cost reduction and a more sustainable approach to dehumidification.

Furthermore, depending on the specific specifications and energy sources, the electric consumption of the dehumidifier can be reduced significantly by 60-85% (up to 92%) through the implementation of Cotes Exergic Technology®.

The system's flexibility is an additional advantage, allowing for easy adaptation to different energy sources if availability or pricing changes in the future. By simply modifying the method of water heating, the technology remains adaptable to evolving energy needs, ensuring a greener and more efficient operation for battery dry rooms.

Our Cotes Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers are all based on Cotes Exergic Technology®. 

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