What is Cotes Exergic Technology and how is that different to Cotes Ultradry dehumidifiers?

Cotes has a range of Cotes Ultradry dehumidifiers used for a range of industry applications including Li-ion battery dry rooms. 

Cotes offers an Ultradry-air Solution for battery dry rooms that uses the Cotes Patented Exergic Technology, enabling massive energy reductions, cost savings, and huge CO₂ emissions reductions of up to 95%.

The Cotes Exergic Technology enables enable the dehumidifier to run at low nominal temperatures of 80°C which makes it possible to use hot water as the energy source. This hot water can be heated by any combination of sustainable energy source: 

  • Waste heat (District heating or waste heat from elsewhere in the li-ion battery production) 
  • Biomass or Biogas (if available and sustainable) 
  • Solar thermal panels 
  • CO₂ Heat Pump used for both heating and cooling. Pay once and use twice. 
  • Electricity (From sustainable energy sources, i.e., wind power, hydropower, solar power and/or nuclear power) 
  • Gas ** 

**Cotes does not recommend or consider gas as a source of sustainable energy due to the environmental footprint. We recommend utilizing energy for the hot water from sustainable or “green” energy sources instead. However, if gas is a requirement, the water can come from a central gas boiler.