Ultradry-air Solutions for

Li-ion Battery Dry Rooms

Manufactures of lithium-ion batteries can save millions of Euros on energy reduction and remove tons of Co2 from their carbon footprint with more efficient and reliable dry-air solutions.

Lithium-ion Humidity Issues

Hypersensitive Processes

To safely manufacture lithium-ion batteries you need a relative humidity of less than 1% because of the delicate chemistry involved. The presence of humidity in production areas is dangerous. Over and above risking the safety of employees and the entire process, you might also have to deal with issues like:

  • Lithium reacts easily with any water vapour to form dangerous combinations of lithium hydroxide, hydrogen and heat
  • Exposing lithium to humidity levels above 1% impacts battery quality, performance and shelf life
  • Energy expended to control humidity results in high operating costs and affects profit margins
  • Any humidity irregularities can affect your production and output
  • Service and maintenance costs increase
Reducing costs

Making Li-ion batteries as green as possible

From time to time, the discussion pops up on how green electric cars really are? We make the argument for cheaper lithium-ion batteries and a cheaper electric car through reducing energy use in the battery manufacturing process.

Installations of lithium-ion battery production around the world


Better control and lower costs

Exceptional control of cleanroom manufacturing conditions

Better electrolyte performance, better product quality

Reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs, and lower carbon footprint

Maximum production uptime and lower service and maintenance costs


Able to handle large volumes of air of up to 40.000 m3/h


Performance and reliability

Exceptional reliability – important for operations-critical environments

Easy to configure to specialist requirements in lithium-ion battery manufacture, even with dew points as low as -74.5°C

Designed to achieve exceptionally low energy consumption and operating costs

Available with advanced monitoring and control systems for maximum flexibility