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What industries can Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers be used in?

Cotes dehumidification solutions are delivered in a wide range of applications within various industries. Humidity control can benefit customers in many ways in regard to improved facility efficiency, higher hygienic standards, higher quality products, fewer breakdowns, improved comfort, and an extended lifetime of equipment. Though the list is not complete, you’ll be able to find an overview of different applications under solutions on our webpage.

Wind Energy

 With over 20 years of experience in the wind industry and working with some of the biggest names out there, we have helped our partners to avoid mould, corrosion, and electrical faults in their turbines. This way we are able to help them protect their assets and maximise the operational uptime of their turbines.

Wind turbine Cotes

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Battery Manufacturing

 Sustainable batteries need sustainable battery production. Lithium-ion battery dry rooms use a lot of energy and represent over 43% of the total energy used in the battery production process. With Cotes Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers, your business can stop using gas, cut that energy consumption dramatically and source the remaining energy from sustainable energy sources.

Car - Illustration

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Waterworks play a crucial part in our freshwater infrastructure which is why we have to protect the integrity and productivity of this infrastructure from the harmful effects of unwanted humidity.  

Groundwater treatment_Waterworks

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Other Industries

 Cotes provides tailor-made adsorption dehumidifiers for a range of industries and commercial drying applications — better humidity control, more efficient processes, and peace of mind. 


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