About us

Our story is a story about people who have dedicated their time, talent and passion on a mission to build the most sustainable dry-air solutions on the market. We are continuously improving and applying our knowledge which is why we are respected and trusted by our partners and clients alike.



Industry experience, knowledge, research & data


Years of experience in the global wind industry


Total number of dehumidifiers put into production to date


Employees in Denmark, Poland, USA, Germany, France and China

Cotes develops, manufactures and sells the best adsorption dehumidifiers on the market and has the experience and industry know-how to deliver the right dry-air solution in a responsible manner.

Read more about our statement on conflict minerals policy.

Cotes Management Team

Cotes Board of Directors


Left to right:

Michael ÆrøAxel Manøe Jepsen | Christina Aabo| Flemming Poulfelt (Chairman of the Board)


Cotes wants to make a difference and a positive impact in the world and we believe it is our responsibility to make sustainability a top priority for how Cotes operates and the products we deliver. 


Cotes is known for high-quality standards and is a core part of our DNA. We care for the products we make and we are skilled at what we do – the right way to dry.


We trust each other and trust Cotes to do the right thing when it comes to product, people and planet. Trust is at the core of how we do business and is reflected in our honesty with each other and our customers in finding the right way to dry.

"We want to see a world where every business understands the benefits and value of dry air — for their business and for the environment."