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Our story is a story about people who have dedicated their time, talent and passion on a mission to build the best dry-air solutions on the market. We are continuously improving and applying our knowledge which is why we are respected and trusted by our partners and clients alike.

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Our story is your story

We have a vision of a world where every business understands the benefits of dry air. As climate change brings even more hot and humid conditions around the world, we see an increasing need for our dry-air solutions to ensure that businesses in many industries can maintain their high standards without increasing their carbon footprint. Today, we produce and ship more than 6.000 units a year to clients around the world.  

Our mission is to deliver the most sustainable dry-air solutions on the market. Our dry-air solutions do not compete solely on price as we don’t just sell a box wrapped in metal. We compete on integrated solutions, quality, integrity, experience and performance. We help clients protect business assets and increase efficiency during production. These extra hours of production and lower maintenance costs for our clients have a significant positive impact on their business, safety and operations with a strong return of investment. 

Cotes is a privately owned Danish company and operates entirely independent. Being independent enables the team to be autonomous and go the extra mile for clients in finding the right dry-air solution. Cotes owner and now business development manager, Thomas Rønnow, has been at the helm since 2009 and is the second generation in his family to be leading the business. His father, Søren Rønnow Olesen, founded the company in 1986 in a small village outside Slagelse in Denmark. Since those humble beginnings, Cotes has become a global brand, trusted by both small and large companies alike, to provide the right dry-air solution for their specific needs.   

Søren Rønnow Olesen - Founder of Cotes A/SAbove: One of the first Cotes workshops in a small village outside Slagelse, in Denmark.

Since 1986, we have delivered more than 100.000 superbly engineered, high-quality adsorption dehumidification solutions to clients around the world. Simply put, our dehumidifiers dry out the air and remove water from it in the most efficient way possible so that our clients can maximise their production output most safely and cost-effectively. In this context, we aim to provide the most technically effective and energy-efficient solution for the best price. This ensures our clients the best possible return on investment, as well as peace of mind about having made the right business decision.  

Today, Cotes has production and R&D facilities in Denmark and Poland. Production is optimised for assembly and modification to ensure a lean and efficient setup for our clients and partners around the world. Our R&D department has over 100 combined years of industry experience, and Cotes spends +7% of its annual revenue on R&D to maintain our strong legacy as technology continues to develop.   

Cotes Dehumidifier being tested in Danish productionAbove: The R&D team assembling and testing first serial deliveries for a global wind energy major.

Everything we do is based on specialist know-how, years of practical experience and constant research into the consequences of uncontrolled humidity. Our humidity solutions use a holistic and data-driven approach to remove water from the air, securing critical low dew points, avoid condensation and corrosion, and ensuring a hygienic and stable production environment. Our client solution applications are broad, where many different types of businesses and industries could benefit from a Cotes dehumidifier. 

In the offshore wind industry, Cotes has a patented salt filter over-pressure solution that protects the inside of the wind turbines through dry and desalted air. For 20 years, Cotes has delivered tried and tested solutions for wind energy that lowers costs, increases performance and creates better living conditions for both people and technology. With a global market share of 80+ per cent in the offshore wind industry, our dry-air solutions are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the industry.  

We apply these high standards and methods to the rest of our business and other dry-air solutions for our clients.  

Depending on your business need or industry, you can buy Cotes dehumidifiers either directly from Cotes or via an exclusive network of handpicked partners around the world. Clients in the energy and food sector are serviced directly by Cotes, as many of the solutions are tailored to specific requirements. Our partners generally focus on the construction industry, waterworks, sports facilities, storage and damage control, to name a few applications. We don’t just sell an over the counter box with a one-size-fits-all approach. We strive to set up a dry-air solution that is tailored and calibrated to suit your specific needs. 

The right dry-air solution for your business needs. 


Cotes develops, manufactures and sells the best adsorption dehumidifiers on the market and has the experience and industry know-how to deliver the right dry-air solution in a responsible manner.

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Cotes Management Team


We are an independent family-owned business with the freedom to explore and create the right dry-air solution for you – to go the extra mile.


We are consistent and uncompromising in finding the right solution for you and for the environment. Industry experience, knowledge, research and data are our supporting pillars.


We are motivated by challenges and believe in a "can do, will do" attitude. 


We care, we respect, we listen, and we take responsibility.

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"We want to see a world where every business understands the benefits and value of dry air — for their business and for the environment."