As wind energy continues to play an increasingly important role in the global energy market, it is essential that all stakeholders are knowledgeable about the acronyms and terminology used in this field. We've started a list for you and in return, we kindly ask you to help us grow and maintain this list for the benefit of all wind energy professionals. Share your most-used industry acronyms by writing Iuliana a quick email at 


AEP Annual energy production
BIM Building information modelling
BOEM Bureau of ocean energy management
BoP Balance of plant 
BYDA BYDA (Before You Dig Australia), formerly known as DBYD (Dial Before You Dig), is a national free service that provides information about the location of underground utilities.
CapEx Capital expenditures 
CC Component certification
COD Commercial operation date 
COE Cost of Energy 
CVA  Certified verification agency
DFIG Doubly fed induction generator 
EIS Environmental impact study 
EPC Engineering procurement and construction 
EPIC Engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning
FAT  Factory acceptance test
FIDIC International Federation of consulting engineers 
FOWT Fixed offshore wind turbine
HS Health and Safety
HV High voltage 
HVDC High voltage direct current
GIS  Geographic information system
IEC International electrotechnical commission
IPD Integrated project delivery
IPP Independent power producer 
IRR Internal return rate 
LCOE Levelized cost and electricity 
LD Liquidates damages
LNTP Limited notice to proceed
MLA Mechanical load assessment 
MV Medium voltage 
MW Megawatt
NDT Non-destructive testing
NTP Notice to proceed 
OCS Outer continental shelf
O&M Operation and maintenance 
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
OMA Operation and maintenance agreement 
OPEX Operation expenditures 
OWF Offshore wind farm
PC Project certification 
PCC Point of common coupling 
PPA Power purchase agreement
RC Renewable certification 
RFF Request for feedback
ROW Right of way
SAT Site acceptance test
S&I Supply and installation 
S/S Substation 
SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition 
SMA Service and maintenance agreement
SOW Scope of work 
TAT Technical assistance and training
TC Type certification
TSA Turbine supply agreement
VE  Value engineering
VSC Voltage source converter 
WF Wind farm 
W&S  Wind and site 
WPP Wind park project
WTG Wind turbine generator 
WTIV Wind turbine installation vessel 


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