Cotes company update: 

Using a combination of affordable and sustainable energy sources, Cotes Exergic Technology enables maintaining the dryness of a battery dry room while saving money on electricity by 66% and lowering CO2 emissions by up to 95%. Due to the new generation of Cotes dehumidifiers that are contributing to the acceleration of the green energy transition, Cotes aims to take further action and create the ideal conditions for businesses to explore the full potential of the Battery Manufacturing Industry. Therefore, we believe that Vincent will be an essential employee at Cotes, contributing with his impressive experience in the Battery Manufacturing sector and helping the company grow in the global market.  

Vincent has several years of experience in selling Thermal Management- and Liquid Cooling Solutions to European Key Customers as a Business Development Manager and International Key Account Manager - Industry at Pfannenberg in Hamburg, Germany. He was responsible for strategic planning and its execution, defining pipeline opportunities, market participants, technical sales, and acquisition. Previously, Vincent worked as an International Key Account Manager at Panasonic Industry Europe, where he was responsible for selling lithium-ion batteries to European customers and Battery Pack Makers in Europe.  

Now, we warmly welcome Vincent to Cotes, where he will use his extensive knowledge and abilities to assist Cotes in expanding and optimising our sustainable dry-air solutions business for the Battery Manufacturing Industry.

“The future of Battery Manufacturing is more affordable and more sustainable. I believe that Cotes Exergic Technology is a game-changer in the industry, creating the most sustainable solutions on the market. I am excited to join the team and contribute to improving energy efficiency for optimal operating conditions of dry room solutions.” 

Connect with Vincent on LinkedIn and follow Cotes for updates about our sustainable dry room solutions for the Battery Manufacturing sector and our journey of supporting the acceleration of the green energy transition.  

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