Over the past few years, the battery manufacturing industry has undergone a remarkable evolution, propelled by advancements in technology and environmental concerns, This evolution facilitated the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources, marking a pivotal transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

sustainability is PART OF THE COTES DNA

Using a combination of affordable and sustainable energy sources, Cotes Exergic Technology enables maintaining the dryness of a battery dry room while reducing electrical energy consumption up to 85% and lowering CO₂ emissions by up to 95%. Due to the new generation of Cotes dehumidifiers that are contributing to the acceleration of the green energy transition, Cotes aims to take further action and create the ideal conditions for businesses to explore the full potential of the Battery Manufacturing Industry. 

WELCOMING Joris vieux on board

We are thrilled to welcome our newest addition, Joris Vieux, who joins us with an outstanding background in the Battery Manufacturing Industry. Previously, he held the position of Business Development Manager Battery at GF Piping Systems, where he was responsible for customer relationship management, sales, contract negotiation, international sales and much more to the Battery Segment. Prior to that, Joris served as a Senior Engineering Procurement Construction Clean & Dry Room Project Manager Battery at Equans France, and ENGIE Solutions France, where he managed the design of large industrial projects ($100m + capex) and running projects from early stage (RFI/RFQ) towards mass production. Additionally, Joris excelled as a Senior Clean Room Project Manager at SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, overseeing large-scale project management, business management, team management, construction, and served as the Quality/Safety/Environment Manager, ensuring the acceleration of environmental transition and the fight against climate change.

“Cotes cutting-edge solution plays a vital role in battery manufacturing, delivering high energy savings in battery dry rooms, enhanced quality, and cost reductions. Sustainability must be a duty in this industry. We don’t have a planet B. 

Now, we warmly welcome Joris Vieux, who will use his extensive knowledge and abilities to assist Cotes in identifying new business opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and recommend the right dry-air solutions to our clients. 

Connect with Joris on LinkedIn and follow Cotes for updates about our sustainable dry room solutions for the Battery Manufacturing sector and our journey to shaping a better future for people, business, and the planet. 



Vincent von Wieding,

Head of Battery Manufacturing Unit 



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