Humidity inside offices and schools can be significantly influenced by people going in and out throughout the day, often in inconsistent, unpredictable flows, at different seasons during the year. People expect to work and study in healthy and comfortable conditions, where they can grow, develop and achieve. Health is a key factor for the productivity and success of employees and students. For this reason, the optimal conditions for creating a healthy environment are crucial for offices and schools - and an ethical responsibility for employers and building owners. 


Without an effective dry-air strategy for your building, office or school, you could be faced with: 

  • Mould, fungi and bacterial growth
  • Damage to furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Dripping water from condensation on ceilings

  • Poor air-quality and working conditions
  • High energy costs for heating, ventilation and cooling 

These issues can affect the learning ability, efficiency, and concentration of students, employees and other workers. As a result of poor humidity management, maintenance costs can rise, creating financial challenges. 


  • In the cavity above ceilings
  • Around water fountains and water coolers
  • Visible surfaces: walls, ceiling tiles and lockers 
  • Hidden surfaces: back sides of boards, frames and under fabrics
  • Around bathroom tiles
  • Inside duct work 
  • Around windows 

Unfortunately, these areas can be easily damaged when exposed to high relative humidity. Variation of moisture levels in the air (impacted by the climate, seasonal changes, and temperature variation) can create the spread of mould to additional areas over time. Controlling relative humidity protects furniture, fixtures, equipment and the buildings themselves. It also ensures a healthy indoor climate for people who use the offices and schools. 

Cotes dry-air solutions maintain relative humidity to as low as 20%. 




Traditional air conditioning and ventilation systems are not sufficient for dealing with humidity issues, because they only control the temperature of the air - not the humidity levels. The key to avoiding the problems described above and ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment for building-users, is to manage condensation with an effective dry-air solution. 

  • Humidity management of the internal climate for a healthy and safe breathing environment
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Greater energy efficiency and lower energy expenses
  • Customisable specific building setups and requirements such as volumes, traffic throughflows and other key variables
  • Exceptional reliability, good return on investment

The owners of office buildings and schools have an obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone who uses them. Creating better conditions with an effective dehumidification solution creates multiple benefits including improved productivity.


In the municipality of Enköping, Sweden, a local school faced a recurring challenge – excessive humidity in the basement. This persistent issue posed a serious threat, potentially leading to mould and moisture damage to the insulation and flooring. In response, the school decided to take action, starting with cleaning the basement area. They fortified their efforts by installing a durable moisture-resistant barrier on the floor surface. Taking the initiative further, three units of Cotes CR290B dehumidifiers, expertly installed by Anders Nilsson Avfuktning AB, were strategically placed and complemented by a network of circulating fans to maintain optimal air conditions and provide a healthy environment for students and teachers. 


SCHOOL BUILDING IN ENKÖPING Image above: Installation of a Cotes adsorption dehumidifier CR290B


As a result of these proactive measures, the relative humidity in the basement has been effectively maintained below 70%, eliminating the conducive conditions for mould growth.


Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers ensure humidity control while contributing to the well-being of students, employees and other building-users. This makes it possible for you to maintain regular, controlled climate specifications regardless of the time of year, weather conditions, or any other variables that may affect relative humidity inside your building. 

Cotes experts and partners can help you by: 
  • Recognising and identifying the root cause of humidity problems  
  • Calculating the costs involved
  • Setting priorities for your specific requirements
  • Recommending the most appropriate Cotes dehumidifiers to fit your business or industry standards 
  • Identifying which Cotes dehumidifier is best suited to any particular setup depending on building volumes, traffic throughflows and other key variables. 

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Do you have issues with humidity?  

Tell us about the humidity challenges in your school/office/administrative building and we will connect you with one of our experts who will recommend the right dry-air solution for you.