We are thrilled to announce our membership of Upcell - the European Battery Manufacturing Alliance. This non-profit organisation brings together influential players in the battery manufacturing industry across Europe, united by the common goals of promoting European industrial autonomy and sustainability.

At the heart of Upcell's mission is the creation of a robust European network of industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders. By fostering collaboration and partnership, Upcell aims to strengthen local economies and ensure the success of battery manufacturing initiatives across Europe. Through shared knowledge, resources, and best practice, the Alliance aims to drive innovation and competitiveness in the European battery industry.

The environmental challenges we face today require innovative solutions. Upcell recognises the importance of driving sustainability practices within the battery manufacturing sector. As a member, Cotes is committed to promoting and implementing cutting-edge technologies and processes that minimise negative environmental impacts. Our focus on innovation enables us to develop energy-efficient dry-air solutions for battery dry rooms that address the issue of high energy consumption as well as the pressing demand for optimised humidity control in the industry.

One of the core principles of this alliance is to promote European-made skills and solutions. At Cotes, we strongly believe in supporting local talent and expertise, as it directly contributes to the growth and competitiveness of the European battery industry. Through our membership of Upcell, we are actively collaborating with other industry leaders to develop and promote European-based solutions. By fostering skills development and investing in local talent, we aim to contribute to a thriving ecosystem of innovation and excellence within the battery manufacturing sector.


Cotes at Upcell conference in CopenhagenImage: Thomas Roennow - Business Development manager. and owner of Cotes (right) speaking at the Upcell conference in Copenhagen.

Cotes Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers: Enhancing energy efficiency and savings

In our pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainability, we are proud to offer Cotes Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers as a crucial component in battery manufacturing processes. These state-of-the-art dehumidifiers play a pivotal role in creating optimal environmental conditions within battery dry rooms. By efficiently removing moisture from the air, they contribute to energy savings, improved product quality, and reduced operational costs. The Ultradry units utilise Cotes Exergic Technology making it possible to reduce energy consumption by around 30-40% compared with traditional dehumidifiers. This technology allows the dehumidifiers to operate efficiently at lower nominal temperatures of 80°C (instead of 140-180°C), enabling the use of hot water as an energy source Instead of relying on electricity or gas.

Additionally, Cotes units can use waste heat and other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. This energy-efficient ability can create savings of 20-40GWh for a typical gigafactory. With their high energy efficiency and reliability, Cotes Ultradry dehumidifiers perfectly align with the sustainability objectives of Upcell and the battery manufacturing industry as a whole.

As a member of Upcell, the European Battery Manufacturing Alliance, we are demonstrating our dedication to driving sustainability, innovation, and European autonomy in the battery industry. By joining forces with other industry leaders, we are actively contributing to the creation of a strong network, stimulating innovation, and promoting European-made solutions. Cotes Ultradry adsorption dehumidifiers exemplify our commitment to energy efficiency and cost savings in battery manufacturing processes.

If you are a car or battery manufacturer that wants to go green(er) and save costs, then reach out to us.

Cotes can help you find the right dry-air solution for your facilities and give you the competitive advantage of a more sustainable Li-ion battery.

Contact Vincent von Wieding, Head of Battery Manufacturing Unit for more information at vvw@cotes.com.





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