The Danish company Cotes, a leading supplier of adsorption dehumidifiers for industrial use, is very serious in its sustainability strategy and has given it an operational priority. This means that the company only works in segments which align with the company's DNA, and where it is possible to make a positive impact on the sustainability agenda. 

¨Being a responsible company has always been a part of the Cotes DNA. However, navigating sustainability in a changing discipline that calls for more action and higher accountability. At Cotes, we recognise the importance of committing ourselves to shape a better future for people, business, and the planet. Last year, we started our journey to integrate sustainability into the core strategy and culture at every level of the Cotes organisation¨, says CEO Martin Brøchner-Mortensen.

Cotes as one of the world's leading suppliers of adsorption dehumidifiers, in 2022 decided to broaden the perspective and zoom in on sustainability as a strategic and operational priority. With that he means, that Cotes does not go for all kinds of markets but aims to be leading in and dedicated to markets which align with the company's DNA, and where it is possible to make a positive impact on the sustainability agenda.


¨Wind turbines and lithium-ion batteries for the car industry are a part of the green and sustainable transition of the world, and this transition, we want to be part of. Wind turbines are getting more and more powerful, and today companies like Vestas, Simens Gamesa and General Electric are already announcing and/or testing wind turbines that are closing in on 300 meters in height and 14-18 megawatts. Imagine how critical it will be, if such a wind turbine is inoperable for even a short amount of time", continues CEO Martin Brøchner-Mortensen. 

Many of these wind turbines will be in operation offshore. where it is essential to make them function in a dry-and salt-free environment. Cotes is a leading manufacturer of dehumidification on the market, that with patented technology can handle both humidity and salt effectively. 

Talking about batteries in the car industry, it is essential to maintain an ultradry environment, because the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries is a process that is extremely sensitive to humidity.


"We worked with the Danish consultancy Sustain X to get the ball rolling, helping us develop a common language around sustainability and to understand our impact on the climate and the UN SDG's. We focus on continuously reducing our greenhouse emissions, mapping, and reducing the waste we produce, making a sustainability parameter for our suppliers, supporting social development projects, and educating our employees", continues CEO Martin Brøchner-Mortensen. 

In 2023, Cotes aims to deliver on targets set by involving the rest of the organisation and the key suppliers to secure the right sustainable dry-air solutions. At the same time, the company will reduce the impact on the environment and enhance the positive impact on people's lives. Cotes will establish a CO2 baseline, develop a CO2 reduction roadmap, launch an employee sustainability program, and join the UN Global Compact. 




"Furthermore, we will commit to Science Based Targets initiatives (SBTi), build Sustainability Governance, achieve the ISO 14001 certification at all operations, understand the waste streams and generate baseline, define, and design a Sustainable Supplier Program, and support social development projects. In 2024, we will stand accountable to our targets and the actions we have initiated", says CEO Martin Brøchner-Mortensen.

The goal is to demonstrate, that the company has made meaningful progress towards the targets, and looking down the road, 2023 is when Cotes wants to meet a 50 percent reduction in waste generation relative to 2023, and 2040 is the big zero for Cotes. 

This will be the year, where the company, at the latest, reaches net-zero across all scopes - both in Scope 1,2 and 3 - relative to 2021. Quite ambitious, but Martin Brøchner-Mortensen is very confident to make it happen.


Please note that the original article can be found at Nordic Business for further reference.

Sustainability at Cotes