The predecessor to the CR240, Cotes unit - CR240B was originally designed for use in buildings and has been widely used across a range of different industries, due to its excellent ability to protect against unwanted humidity. As a response to the market need in the wind industry, we have now developed an alternative unit to CR240B - the lightweight CR240. Initially engineered for the use in transportation and storage of wind turbine towers, nacelles, and hubs, the new dehumidifier with its many improvements and benefits is now being adopted in other industries too.


  • The new CR240 dehumidifier weighs less than 11kg complying with HSE regulations that enable one person to lift and carry the unit effortlessly.
  • Emphasising sustainability, the main structure of the dehumidifier is crafted from recycled plastic, ensuring integrity while being environmentally conscious. The grey plastic component incorporates 50% recycled materials, while the orange plastic component is 20% recycled materials.
  • The new CR240 is designed for easy disassembly, maintenance, servicing, and refurbishment. The complete centrepiece can be effortlessly detached by simply removing four screws and five wire connections.
  • The hygrostat feature is now available as an optional addition, while the power cable can be interchanged to meet diverse market requirements.

From 19kg to under 11kg






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HSE regulation requirements

The new CR240 lightweight adsorption dehumidifier is light enough to be lifted and carried by a single person and still be powerful enough to dry your facilities and ensure desired conditions. Its light weight is of a significant benefit to facilities where mobility of the dehumidifier is required as lifting and transporting the unit is now safer and easier than ever.

This Cotes adsorption dehumidifier, weighing less than 11 kg, was created specifically to comply with the strictest HSE criteria. We had to make significant adjustments to the earlier CR240B. Our design team used the robust and versatile CR240B as a starting point and then modified it from the inside out.





  Close to body

Underarm length
approx. 30cm

3/4 of an arm's length
approx. 45cm
15kg  CR240B     




 NEW CR240     


  RED: Lifting or carrying in the red area is a clear health risk and measures should be taken immediately to mitigate the risk. 

  YELLOW: Lifting or carrying in the yellow area may be harmful to a person's health and requires a closer assessment to determine whether other factors aggravate the load.

  GREEN: Lifting or carrying in the green area is generally considered safe for a person's health due to the height, distance, and weight involved.


Humidity can cause a range of problems for cars in storage. When humidity levels are high, it can lead to tarnishing, corrosion, rust, and mould growth on various parts of the car. These issues can damage the car's appearance, performance, and value.

With the right dry-air strategy, you can control the relative humidity (RH), keeping it at a constant and safe level, protecting your cars and ultimately extending their lifetime. 

Most crucially, high humidity can cause rust to develop on the car's metal surfaces, weakening the vehicle's structural integrity over time. Additionally, moisture can cause electrical components to malfunction, leading to issues with the car's engine and other systems. To avoid these problems, it is important to control the humidity levels inside the car's storage environment and ensure that RH stays at a constant and safe level.

Cotes partner Humidity Solutions has chosen the new CR240 for car storage

A client storing his classic car, Jaguar XJ, in a garage saw severe condensation build up on the car and other surfaces during the winter months. Temperature fluctuations meant that the dew point was easily reached, resulting in high humidity levels. The moisture-laden air caused mould, rust, and deterioration of hygroscopic materials such as leather and wood veneers on dashboards and fascia. 

The well-sealed garage is 70m3 large with no ventilation or heating. Typical refrigerant dehumidifiers lose their efficiency when the temperature drops below 12°C. Cotes adsorption technology does not have this problem, which is why it was considered the right solution for this installation. The calculated duty of moisture removal in the garage is 0.55 kg/hr, making the CR240, with maximum extraction of 0.8kg/hr, perfect for this application. This combined with enabling air movement of 240 m3/hr ensures effective recirculation of air around the garage.

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Images: New CR240 installed in car storage 


The light weight of the CR240 unit made it possible for the fitter to carry out the installation himself without the need for a second person, which made it more cost-effective. The dehumidifier now maintains a stable RH at 50% with the help of the DR10 hygrostat, attached to the unit by Humidity Solutions, providing automatic control. Furthermore, its elegant appearance integrated well into the garage space.

Due to their high satisfaction with the Cotes adsorption dehumidifier and the service provided by Humidity Solutions, the customer decided to purchase a Cotes CR400B dehumidifier for an adjacent garage which protects an AC Cobra and a Ferrari 550 Maranello against the potential risks of unwanted humidity.

"I am delighted with Humidity Solutions' service and support and the Cotes dehumidifier installed in my garage, they are straightforward to install and operate. I can rest easy knowing they will keep my investments safe for years to come." - Mr Windsor, client



The CR240 has been redesigned to enable a user-centric approach to maintenance. The casing is secured with four screws, which, when removed, provide direct access to all components arranged in a series of detachable modules. Whether you need to replace the filter or perform any other type of maintenance, there's no need to spend a long time disassembling the unit. Simply detach the filter from the outer casing, and clean or replace it hassle-free.



Aside from easy servicing, the new CR240 lightweight is just as robust and durable as a stainless steel dehumidifier:

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