The right way to dry

Humidity management
Humidity Management

Why's humidity a problem?

Uncontrolled humidity gives rise to all kinds of nasty problems, including condensation, corrosion, mould, fungi and bacterial growths, mechanical, electrical and electronic glitches, powder clumping and system blockages. 

Dry-air Strategy

We're ready to help you

We don't make light of the problems you face with humidity, in fact, we take it very seriously. Providing you with the right dry-air solution starts with a conversation about your business needs and what your dry-air strategy could look like.


Cotes has a global offshore wind turbine market share of over 85%

Wind Energy

Offshore, onshore and nearshore

The nacelles and towers of wind turbines are exposed to the elements as are the sensitive equipment and electronics inside them. Protect your wind turbines throughout the entire lifecycle.
Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

More sustainable Batteries

Cotes helps manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries save millions of Euros on energy reduction and remove tons of Co2 from their carbon footprint with more efficient and reliable dry-air solutions.
Food & Beverage

Humidity issues in Food & Beverage Production

If you are a food or beverage producer that cares about quality and hygiene, then you understand that unwanted humidity in your production is a risk that you should not take.