In the dynamic world of industrial humidity control, the need for versatile and efficient solutions is continuously increasing. Recognising this, Cotes trusted partner, CTS BeNeLux, has taken a significant leap forward with their latest custom solution. They have transformed the typically stationary, Cotes C65 dehumidifier, into a mobile dry-air solution, potentially revolutionising how industries tackle humidity control, particularly in large-scale and complex projects.


For this project, CTS BeNeLux crafted a stainless-steel frame equipped with wheels, specifically to accommodate the C65 unit, making the solution mobile. They constructed two C65 units to meet the requirements of a Belgian customer specialising in damage services. This adaptable solution is ideal for use in complex projects where moisture loads are difficult to calculate. In such cases, the unit can be transported and used to assess the precise setup and ensure it aligns with the customer's expectations. 

OI_CTS-C65-Mobile_03_20240125-minImage: The C65 units in stainless-steel frames 


The Cotes All-Round C65 adsorption dehumidifier comes with an innovative built-in heat exchanger, setting new standards in energy efficiency. By utilising the excess heat from the regeneration air, this innovative feature cutes electrical heating power consumption by up to 20%. 

When it comes to equipment in industrial facilities, durability and hygiene are paramount. In this case, both the dehumidifiers and frames are crafted from high-grade stainless steel. A critical material choice for facilities with strict sanitary requirements such as food production or pharmaceuticals. Stainless steel not only resists corrosion but also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, making these units ideal for even the most demanding environments. 

The mobility of the dehumidification unit allows for flexible usage, based on the specific requirements of the facility. This adaptability enables the dehumidifier to be configured for various operating situations and conditions - functionality has already proven highly effective. In another  and earlier CTS BeNeLux project, a similar solution was successfully implemented using a Cotes C35 unit for a meat processing facility.

OI_CTS-C65-Mobile_01_20240125-minImage: Inside the C65 units 


The Cotes All-Round C65 adsorption dehumidifier features an integrated heat exchanger, significantly reducing power consumption. This innovation recycles surplus heat from the regeneration air, cutting the electrical heating requirement by up to 20% making it the most energy-efficient dehumidifier in the Cotes C-line. Additional features of the unit include:

  • Precise, software-enabled monitoring and control systems 
  • Remarkably low energy consumption
  • Operation with minimal noise 
  • Enhanced tracking of maintenance and service schedules 
  • Uniform heating and cooling modules 
  • Superior construction and build quality 
  • Compliance with the ErP Directive 2015 standards 
20210609 Productimage C65 - Steel overlay-reduced size



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