It is important to establish the right dry-air strategy for you, your business, and for the environment. Depending on your needs you might consider any one of our different dry-air solutions. Cotes has a range of adsorption dehumidifiers to choose from and as of today, the popular C65 has received an upgrade, making it a more innovative, elegant, and versatile dehumidifier, with moisture removal capacities of 7–19 kg per hour and 20% reduction in energy consumption. 


Why the most energy-efficient adsorption dehumidifier?

To put the new energy-saving upgrade in layman's terms, if you compare the new C65 with the old C65 it has the same amount of electrical heating (kW) installed. In both old and new C65 dehumidifiers we want to heat the regenerated air to approx. 120°C no matter what temp the air started at (the true number is an approx. regenerated air temperature of +100°C).
But the new C65 has a heat exchanger that pre-heats the incoming regenerated air using heat from the outgoing regenerated air. This means that we don't have to heat as much as before, resulting in less power usage. So the kW the heat exchanger transfers can be directly saved in energy consumption for the electrical heaters
In other words, if the old C65 needed 10kW before and the new C65 heat exchanger transfers 2kW, then you only need 8kW which equals 20% in energy saved.

What is new?


20210609 Productimage C65 - Steel overlay-reduced sizeFrom the outside, the new C65 looks pretty much the same as the old C65, sleek stainless-steel cabinet with a touch screen and manual switch but with the filters on the outside of the cabinet. However, on the inside, the improved C65 unit provides what you would expect from a Cotes dehumidifier and so much more:

  • Accurate, software-driven monitoring and control 
  • Exceptionally low energy consumption 
  • Low-noise operation 
  • Better monitoring of service intervals 
  • Standardized heating and cooling modules 
  • Exceptional build quality 
  • Complies with ErP Directive 2015 

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Noteworthy changes

One of the changes made in the new version of the C65 is that the regeneration fan is still inside the cabinet, but is now positioned “first” in the airflow, just after the filter. Optimally, the regeneration fan is placed in not too humid air where the temperature is around 20°C. Higher temperatures ultimately leading to more fans breaking down. This challenge has been reduced by placing the regeneration fan right after the filters. As such, the fan is operating in the best possible conditions which, in the end, will enable the unit to live through its full expected lifetime.   

Another change to the C65 unit is the built-in heat exchanger. This component is incorporated in the design to reduce the power consumption of the unit. The heat exchanger reuses excess heat from the regeneration air which results in a power reduction of 20%. Since Cotes aspires to build sustainable dry-air solution, the heat exchanger is a highly valuable function of the C65.  

The horizontally mounted silica gel-coated rotor has an important advantage, that airflows enter and exit on the same side. This means that the process air enters and leaves on the same side of the casing, while regeneration air enters and leaves on the opposite side. 

Airfilters are placed on the outside of the dehumidifier to make the best use of space inside, but also to make it easy to replace air filters when needed.


The C65 machine offers three different levels of electronic control configurations, ensuring alignment between the dehumidifier and your operating priorities and requirements.

With control configurations B, C, an easy-to-read 5.7-inch touch panel is fitted as standard to give you easy access to your chosen level of performance data, operating alarms and service interval monitoring. You can choose to activate completely standardized settings — where you just turn the unit on and forget about it — or to opt for varying degrees of control over airflow specifications.


In the end, you decide on the level of control access you need or want, via the PLC touch screen, smartphones, web-based remote control, etc.



You simply decide which equipment combinations you want for the exact specifications you need. For experts advice, technical details or alternative options find and contact a Cotes Partner near you.


In general, the C65 offers a design that is easy to clean and highly adaptable to your industry. It can be placed in visible public places, even in small and crowded locations due to its modern and modular design.  

Optional equipment to add to your C65 unit depending on your needs: 

  • Post-heating module 
  • Pre-cooling and post-cooling modules 
  • Additional ways to heat the regeneration air including, Steam heating or EW (a combination of Electrical and Hot Water) 
  • Extra insulation of the cabinet 
  • Additional temperature and humidity sensors

Choice of heating source

You can choose between Electrical, Steam, or EW (a combination of electrical and hot water) heating, to heat the flow of regeneration air.

Pre-cooling and post-cooling

You can fit a special cooling unit to reduce and/or control the temperature/humidity of the dry air entering and leaving the dehumidifier.

A cooling unit fitted before the adsorption rotor is particularly beneficial if the incoming process air is particularly hot and humid. In such cases, some of the water in the air condenses, thus increasing the efficiency of the adsorption rotor.

A cooling unit fitted after the adsorption rotor is also available, thus making it possible to control process outlet temperature.

Maximum flexibility

You have exceptional degree of control over airflow humidity and temperature specifications, via factory-installed control settings. Standardized, modular configurations are also available for easy integration of a range of heating units, cooling systems, fans, filters, sensors, control setups, etc.

Exceptional build quality

Like all Cotes dehumidifiers, the C65 units are built of robust, high-quality components and materials that ensure maximum reliability, long service life and rapid return on investment.


You can fit a post-heating unit after the adsorption rotor, as optional equipment, in order to ensure 100% control of both relative humidity and temperature.


8 reasons you should consider the C65

  1. More cost-effective management of air humidity 
  2. Accurate control of all aspects of ingoing and outgoing airflows 
  3. Low operating costs 
  4. Long service life and low maintenance/repair costs 
  5. Easy, rapid servicing 
  6. Easy to clean and keep clean 
  7. Can be placed even in highly visible public places 
  8. Easy to install in small spaces and crowded locations 

Where to use the C65

The new C65 range is a reliable and robust all-round adsorption dehumidifier configuration that just received some major upgrades.

The C65 functions very well in many different environments and industries and it is approved to be used in facilities with high hygiene requirements, which makes it compatible with [but not excluding]:

  • Food industry processing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Freezer facilities
  • Waterworks
  • Basically, any indoor space that is experiencing humidity issues

With its modular construction, the C65 offers high flexibility, which is the reason for its compatibility in a range of industries.

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What humidity related issues are you experiencing in your industry?