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Aarhus, 10. Nov. 2021 – On the celebration of Transport Day at COP26, Cotes, the Danish world leader in sustainable dry-air solutions, proudly announces the launch of Exergic, the company’s innovative technology that will allow manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries a massive energy reduction of up to 40% at the cell production process and achieve 95% CO₂ emissions savings at the factory’s dry room.  

With  Exergic Technology, Cotes new generation dehumidifiers can be powered by any combination of green alternative energy sources, like waste heat, heat pumps, and solar thermal panels. This flexibility allows energy independence and prepares battery manufacturing plants for the world’s future decarbonization whilst maintaining an extremely low dew point for better safety and quality.

We can now reduce the finished EV's CO₂ footprint up to 3.8%. Quite an accomplishment in our commitment to the environment. The leverage of over 150 battery dry rooms around the world already using Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers, combined with our long trajectory supporting the wind power industry has given us key know-how to understand the industry’s challenges. With Exergic, we not only lower the costs but also support a more efficient and responsible production." - says Thomas Rønnow, Business Development Manager and Owner of Cotes

This innovation puts the industry a step closer to the goal of making sustainable energy storage solutions and complying with the upcoming EU regulations, which among other things, may require carbon footprint declarations for each battery put out on the EU market.

The new technology is operating in Beyonder´s innovative battery factory in Norway, accomplishing outstanding results. And its positive contribution has already won the prestigious “Sustainable Product of the Year” prize at the HVR Awards 2020.



About Cotes

Cotes is a Danish company with 35 years of experience and a daily mission to deliver sustainable dry-air solutions to a wide range of industrial applications across the world. Cotes' commitment and proven track record have driven the company to be a trusted partner of the Wind Power industry and a leading supplier for Lithium-ion Battery Factories.

The company, the holder of multiple international patents and awards, has its focus on manufacturing efficient and high-quality adsorption dehumidifiers with a positive impact — the right way to dry.


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