Cotes company update:

As a company driven by technology and development, Cotes strives to keep up with the growing demand for our adsorption dehumidifiers that support the acceleration of the green energy transition. Now, we are welcoming our new CTO, Bende Egebro Daugaard, who will ensure Cotes’ continual development and help us reach our strategic goals.

Throughout her career, Bende has had great success working in a range of businesses and industries such as the coatings industry, chemical distribution, material science, fast-moving consumer goods, HVAC/electronics, and more recently, the renewable energy industry. Her visionary approach and strategic mindset will make her an invaluable asset to our team.

As Cotes' new CTO, Bende will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our technological infrastructure, product innovation and development, R&D and technology management. Her leadership and people management skills will be instrumental in aligning our technology strategy with our business goals, enhancing our competitiveness, and ensuring our continued growth.

"I'm a creative person who enjoys thinking differently and exploring new approaches. That's why I'm extremely excited to be joining the Cotes team. Together, we can achieve remarkable results, enhance customer value, and forge even stronger partnerships across all industry applications of Cotes' dry-air solutions"

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