Waste bunkers play a pivotal role within waste management facilities, providing essential storage space for waste materials before further processing. Their primary function is to facilitate the smooth operation of incineration plants by ensuring a continuous flow of waste for combustion. By facilitating the effective mixing of waste materials, waste bunkers help maintain consistent combustion properties. However, the nature of this process also presents challenges, particularly regarding high humidity levels in the bunker.


High humidity levels present significant challenges for waste bunkers in waste management operations. Excessive and uncontrolled moisture can lead to condensation, moisture buildup, and the formation of a thick layer of dust. These issues pose not only hygiene risks but also risks to operational efficiency. Additionally, high humidity levels accelerate the degradation of stored waste, leading to unpleasant odours and potential health hazards for workers. Without proper mitigation measures, these humidity-related issues can escalate, impacting hygiene, operational efficiency, and the health and safety of workers. Addressing humidity issues is imperative for maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment in waste management facilities. Effective dehumidification solutions are essential for mitigating these challenges and safeguarding operational excellence while ensuring the well-being of personnel.

Negative outcomes of uncontrolled room and dew point temperatures in waste bunkers include:

  • Accumulation of moisture and condensation on bunker walls
  • Formation of dust and moisture layers, posing hygiene risks
  • Accelerated waste degradation, resulting in unpleasant odours
  • Increased operational inefficiencies and potential health hazards for workers
  • Corrosion of equipment and infrastructure due to increased moisture levels
  • Reduced efficiency of waste management processes due to equipment malfunction or failure


The waste bunker of the Thurgau incineration plant in Weinfelden, Switzerland serves as a storage space for delivered waste before incineration. It is crucial for ensuring the continuous operation of the incineration plant and for maintaining uniform combustion properties through mixing. However, this process also leads to high humidity in the bunker due to moisture levels in the stored waste. Without an appropriate dehumidification strategy, a thick layer of moisture and dust was continuously accumulating and adhering to the bunker walls.

Krüger + Co. AG, Cotes' trusted partner in Switzerland, replaced the previous system with two C65E 19 PLC-B adsorption units equipped with integrated heat recovery to ensure the optimal humidity levels. Targeted drying has significantly reduced maintenance and cleaning requirements in the waste bunker.









Implementing the dehumidification solution in the waste bunker presented some challenges for the specialists at Krüger + Co. AG. During the pre-project stage, improvements were needed in fresh air mixing and regulation, and the initially planned model had to be replaced with an optimised successor, requiring adjustments in air circulation. Additionally, electrical challenges arose due to the lack of a neutral conductor in the existing supply, necessitating additional fan controls. However, these obstacles were successfully overcome through the implementation of additional controls and transformers. Consideration of escape routes also required additional planning. Despite the challenges, the project was executed successfully thanks to excellent cooperation and effective coordination.


The solution used by Krüger + Co. AG comprises two C65E 19 PLC-B adsorption dehumidifiers with integrated heat recovery, specifically designed for efficient moisture control. These two adsorbers continuously adjust their performance to meet demand, significantly reducing the high electricity consumption of the previous solution. The new solution offers precise software-based control and improved maintenance interval monitoring. Simple cleaning ensures long-term efficiency and smooth operation. This configuration serves as an energy-efficient solution, particularly noteworthy as a replacement facility for the ageing incineration plant planned for 2030. Currently, the plant provides heat to industry and supplies electricity to over 10,000 households. With a combustion capacity of 150,000 tonnes, it is a vital resource for regional energy supply.







Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers offer exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. The C65 model provides accurate humidity control and advanced monitoring features, including software-driven controls and service interval monitoring, ensuring a trouble-free operation. With moisture removal capacities ranging from 7 to 19 kg per hour and a 20% reduction in energy consumption, it stands out as a highly energy-efficient solution. Features of the Cotes adsorption dehumidifier C65E include:

  • Robust stainless-steel housing
  • Precise control of all aspects of ingoing and outgoing airflows
  • Low operating costs
  • Ease of servicing with rapid maintenance
  • Easy cleaning and keeping clean
  • Versatility for placement, even in highly visible public places
  • Ease of installation in small spaces and crowded locations
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Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers ensure precise humidity control across a wide range of applications, contributing to optimal conditions and operational efficiency. Cotes dehumidifiers can effectively manage humidity levels at any stage of he waste management process, enabling operators to maintain optimal humidity levels despite challenging conditions.

Learn more about the Cotes C-range adsorption dehumidifiers: Download the C-range Brochure

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