Humidity issues during turbine transportation

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The issue with humidity inside wind turbines during transportation is that en route to the wind farm site, towers and nacelles are often stored out in the open on trucks, rail cars, ship decks, storage areas and quaysides, exposed to fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions for extended periods of time. Cotes dehumidifiers can help you protect these assists even before they become operational. With the NEW CR240 we have designed a purposed built adsorption dehumidifier for the job.


From 19kg to under 11kg





Originally designed for use in buildings, the CR240B was adopted by the wind industry and has since played a key role in protecting wind turbine assets from humidity issues during transportation and storage.


Designed specifically for use in transportation and storage of wind turbine towers, nacelles and hubs, this lightweight alternative of the current CR240B has a range of improvements and advantages.

Dehumidifier model CR240B

Dehumidifier model CR240


What's new?

  1. Now weighing under 11kg, the CR240 complies with HSE regulations for one person to lift and carry the dehumidifier.
  2. Using recycled plastic for the main structure without sacrificing integrity. Grey plastic is 50% recycled, and orange plastic is 20% recycled.
  3. Longevity of product and performance. Easy to disassemble, maintain, service, and refurbish. With four screws and five wire connections, you can easily remove the complete centerpiece.
  4. Hygrostat is optional and power cable is interchangeable for different market requirements.

HSE regulation requirements

The NEW CR240 lightweight adsorption dehumidifier is light enough to be lifted and carried by a single person and still be powerful enough to keep your wind turbine nacelle or tower dry (on the inside) during transportation. 

Weighing in under 11kg, this Cotes adsorption dehumidifier was specifically made to meet the most stringent HSE requirements in the wind industry. We had to make radical changes to the previous CR240B. We took the CR240B and redesigned it from the bottom up, inside out.


  HSE_requirements_1-min HSE_requirements_2-min HSE_requirements_3-min
  Close to body

Underarms length
approx. 30cm

3/4 arms length
approx. 45cm
15kg  CR240B     




 NEW CR240     


  RED: Lifting or carrying in the red area is considered a clear health risk and measures should be taken immediately to mitigate the risk. 

  YELLOW: Lifting or carrying in the yellow area must be considered harmful to health and requires a closer assessment to determine whether other factors aggravate the load.

  GREEN: Lifting or carrying in the green area is usually not considered harmful to health due to the height, distance and weight involved.


Easy to service when you need to

The opportunity to redesign the CR240 made it possible to put the user first. The casing is held in place by four screws. Remove those and you have direct access to all components that are placed in series with different modules that can easily detach and slide out. Want to replace the filter? Then you don't need to remove any screws, you can just detach the filter from the outside casing, clean and replace, super easy.

CR240 dehumidifier split into parts


Aside from easy servicing, the new CR240 lightweight is just as robust and durable as a stainless steel dehumidifier:

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Datasheet CR240

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CR240 datasheet

Get a Cotes dry-air solution recommendation

Humidity in onshore, nearshore or offshore turbines cause a lot of issues like mould, corrosion and electrical failures. If your wind turbine was not born with a dehumidifier inside the tower or nacelle, you need to consider retrofitting a dry-air solution (adsorption dehumidifier) inside your wind turbines during transportation and during operation. Our team of experts are here to help you find the right way to dry your wind turbine.




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