Our story centers around people who have dedicated their time, talent and passion to building the best dry-air solutions (adsorption dehumidifiers) for industrial applications. We are continuously improving, evolving and applying our knowledge, which is why we have been respected and trusted by our partners and clients for over 35 years and counting.

What is Cotes?

Cotes is a family-owned company that develops, manufactures, and sells the best adsorption dehumidifiers on the market. Everything we do is based on specialist know-how, years of practical experience and constant research into the most responsible and sustainable way to control humidity. 

What started out as a small family-run company in the mid-80s, is now a global brand in adsorption dehumidification, respected and trusted by some of the biggest names in global wind energy, lithium-ion battery manufacturing and a range of other industrial applications. 

That's why we say, "Cotes, the right way to dry". 

Where did the Cotes story begin?

Our journey to the 'right way to dry' began in 1986 when Søren Rønnow Olesen and Ellen Olesen founded Cotes in an old stable in a small town outside Slagelse, Denmark. During the initial years, all the work was done by a small team of employees in the small workshop that housed the company. From the earliest days, the Rønnow Olesen family worked hard on developing and growing Cotes. Some of the earliest employees are still a part of the Cotes family and continue to play an integral role in our growth - without their passion and dedication we would not be the global brand we are today. 

'Cotes' is an acronym of the first letters of the names of Søren and Ellen's family: 

  • Carsten (their son) 
  • Olesen (family name) 
  • Thomas (their son) 
  • Ellen
  • Søren

Søren and EllenImage above: Søren and Ellen Olesen - Cotes founders

As a family-owned company, Cotes has a large degree of autonomy and the possibility to go the extra mile for clients. This means we can focus on sustainability, quality and positive impacts - not just on keeping shareholders happy. Sustainability, quality and positive impacts are strong themes throughout the Cotes story - shaping our daily work as employees, as well as strategic business goals for contributing to the green energy transition by focusing on Wind Energy and Li-ion battery manufacturing. From the beginning, Cotes has proven to be an innovator and holds various patents (the latest one is Cotes Exergic Technology).

Cotes has more than 35 years of experience and still as a family-owned business. In 2021, Søren and Ellen's son, second-generation owner, Thomas Rønnow, passed the CEO title to Martin Brøchner-Mortensen.

Martin believes in the value of sustainability as a key driver for how Cotes operates and the markets we choose to engage with. Cotes focuses on Clean-Tech and Green Energy markets where the 'right way to dry' benefits our customers and the environment.

Our focus is to make a positive impact and a difference in the world, by making sustainability a key strategic area for Cotes, now and in the future.” - Cotes CEO,  Martin Brøchner-Mortensen

The Cotes story began with the ambition of making the world's best dehumidifiers and this ambition has been achieved. Cotes dry-air solutions ensure that businesses in many industries can maintain high standards and secure their production output without increasing their carbon footprint. Today, we produce and ship more than 6,000 units per year to clients around the world. 

Cotes' growth over the last three decades has become increasingly visible, both in the number of employees joining the family as well as in our expanding offices. Today, Cotes can now be found in four different locations:  

The current journey 

Today, Cotes is focused on having positive and sustainable impacts in the world by producing and selling adsorption dehumidifiers to the Wind Energy Industry and Li-ion battery manufacturing. 

Trusted (amongst others) in the Wind Energy Industry by: 
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Trusted (amongst others) in Li-ion battery manufacturing by:

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In addition, Cotes sells dry-air solutions to other industry applications through its global network of trusted partners, who are always ready to help clients find the right dry-air solutions and service for Cotes dehumidifiers. Building personal networks and relationships of trust and quality takes time - at Cotes, we invest in our partners and our relationships. 


c26dcfb5-6f1a-4f5f-941e-5f03d5d14e22Image above: Søren and Ellen Olesen with their son Thomas

The road ahead

Cotes has embarked on a journey to become more sustainable and more responsible in the way we conduct business and deliver quality adsorption dehumidifiers to clients around the world. Our ambitions for the future begin with initiatives and projects that accelerate Cotes' sustainability journey through Science-Based Targeting initiatives (SBTi) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

Science-Based Targeting initiatives (SBTi) help us accelerate the transition towards an even greener business model and implement sustainable practices. Read more: www.cotes.com/sustainability 

Screenshot 2021-12-01 111629-min-1One of our main Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives is a partnership project with UNICEF - where we have committed to "give what we take" (water). Cotes is collaborating with UNICEF to help provide fresh drinking water to those children and families who need it the most.

You too can support "We Give Back The Water We Take" - learn more.

The right dry-air solutions

Cotes develops, manufactures and sells the best adsorption dehumidifiers on the market and has the experience and industry know-how to deliver the right dry-air solution in a responsible manner. Depending on your industry and business needs, you can buy dehumidifiers either directly from Cotes or via an exclusive network of handpicked partners around the world. We strive to set up dry-air solutions that are tailored and calibrated to suit your specific needs. 

Learn more about Cotes' acting industries:

Join us as we continue our mission to deliver the best and most sustainable dry-air solutions.

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