Screenshot 2021-12-01 111629-minIn partnership with UNICEF, Cotes is helping enable fresh drinking water initiatives for those who need it most.

Because Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers remove unwanted humidity from the air, taking water from where it is not needed, we desperately wanted to support getting water to where it is needed. With the help of UNICEF, we “give what we take”, by helping to provide clean drinking water to people in water-scarce communities across the world through the UNICEF "WASH" (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) initiative.

In 2022, Cotes, in partnership with UNICEF, helped to provide over 70 million litres of fresh drinking water to those who genuinely need it worldwide. Below are two stories about how the UNICEF WASH programme and its partners are helping to improve water and sanitation services in communities.

Climate-smart water supply system in Garissa County in Kenya

At the Daley village of Garissa County in Kenya, the Water Users Association (WUAS) – in collaboration with the Garissa County Department of Water Services and UNICEF – has helped establish a solar-powered borehole connected to a network of pipelines providing water to a health dispensary, a primary school, water kiosks and direct-to-household taps. Despite the drought in the Horn of Africa, the community has access to a safe and adequate water supply using sustainable technology and renewable energy. It is also affordable for the community thanks to minimal maintenance costs.

People standing under a solar panel in KenyaImage above: Solar-powered borehole system renovated by UNICEF Kenya.


Nasra and her children access water in drought-affected Kenya

Nasra’s family used to trek for half an hour to collect water at the crocodile-infested River Tana. Now, they can access clean and safe water at a water kiosk five minutes from home.

People in Kenya taking water from water kioskImage above: Water kiosk at the Daley village of Garissa County in Kenya

“When we were using the river water, the children would get sick. They would vomit and a lot of other illnesses developed. The children are safe now and they rarely get sick,” Nasra shares how clean water has made a difference in her children’s health.

Family with water in Kenya - UNICEF

Image above: Nasra with her husband Ali, daughter Fatuma, son Muhumed, and expecting a newborn.

A family in Kenya carrying water provided by UNICEF

Image above: Nasra carrying water with her daughter Fatuma and son Muhumed.


UNICEF provided financial and technical support for drilling and equipment for the solarisation of the borehole and construction of a new pipeline extension to connect to the existing water supply infrastructure. An estimated 6,200 people, including 246 schoolchildren from both the Daley Primary School and the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC), now have access to a safe water supply. In addition, one health dispensary has access to safe water. As of November 2022, in Garissa County, UNICEF has supported rehabilitating 21 water supply systems, reaching 92,279 people with access to a safe water supply.




The Cotes and UNICEF partnership provides fresh drinking water initiatives in communities around the world. In 2022, Cotes supported the provision of 70 million litres of fresh drinking water to those who need it most. In 2023, Cotes will give back even more.

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