Cotes HQ is located at the far end of the island of Aarhus Ø, Mariane Thomsens Gade 2f, 11, which has developed enormously in recent years. The new part of the city merges with the rest of the town and has its own charm with an up-and-coming waterfront, modern buildings and even a wakeboarding station for the more adventurous at heart.


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The HQ is located in an office complex called 'Pakhusene Aarhus'. For the developers of Pakhusene Aarhus, it was important to create a sense of community for the different companies and spaces to come together in a sustainable, modern building with Danish architecture. Moving to an office complex with a sustainability focus weighed heavy on our decision to move.

DJI_0154A bird's eye view of our office at night. [NOTE: The lights were turned on for the purpose of the photoshoot and normally is set on a timer to save energy.)

For the more adventurous types there a many water activities for colleagues, friends and family around the harbour area. However, the "Death Diving" bellyflop competition is not everyone's cup of tea. 


View over the northern promenade of Aarhus

Another sunny day in Aarhus (Disclaimer: the sun does not always shine 😅)


Cotes Products

Cotes' adoption dehumidifiers are on display. Explore dry-air solutions
Kitchen area and office areas

Where we meet for coffee and Friday breakfast with fresh bread from the bakery.

Meeting room 1

Where big ideas take flight. We often gather in person and online with our production team in Poland and Denmark or early mornings with our team in China.
Open meeting place 1

In winter, the team gets together to jump in the water just outside the office complex. [It is a Danish thing]



View over the Aarhus harbourFriday bar with a view. What's not to like?


We have an open invitation to those who would like to have a chat. So don't be a stranger.

Contact us, and let us have a coffee with a view.

Job Vacancies at Cotes