In the ever-evolving field of water damage restoration, a command of industry acronyms is not just a professional advantage – it is a necessity. It's the language that shapes conversations, drives innovation, and propels the industry forward. To assist you on this journey, we have initiated a comprehensive list of abbreviations aimed at enhancing your understanding and proficiency. But this is not a one-way street – we invite you to contribute to this collective knowledge. Share your frequently used industry acronyms by sending a quick email to Let's build a resource that empowers every water damage restoration professional.



AFD Air Filtration Device
AHP Airborne Hygiene Professional
AOC Area of Concern
ASD Applied Structural Drying
BFE Base Flood Elevation
CCO Critical Control Point
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
EMC Equilibrium Moisture Content
ERM Emergency Response Manager
ESH Environment, Safety & Health
GPP Grains Per Pound
HHRH Human Health Risk Assessment
HR Humidity Ratio
IAQ Indoor Air Quality 
ICRA Infection Control Risk Assessment
IEP Indoor Environmental Professional
IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
MCL Maximum Contamination Level
MOLD Moisture, Oxygen, Light, Dirt
MVOC Microbial Volatile Organic Compound
NRD Natural Resource Damages
O&M Operation and Maintenance
OM&M Operations, Monitoring & Maintenance
PHA Public Health Assessment
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PS Point Source
RA Remedial Action
RAP Remedial Action Plan
SDS Safety Data Sheet
SW Surface Water
S500 IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
WDRS Water Damage Restoration Specialist
WPI Water Performance Indicator
WRT Water Damage Restoration Technician
WVP Water Vapor Pressure