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Damage Services

Damage services play a critical role in controlling and mitigating the impact of flood disasters. Protecting the integrity and efficiency of the infrastructures from the harmful effects of excess humidity is essential. Explore how our dry-air solutions can minimise risks and optimise restoration efforts while adhering to industry standards.

The right way to dry out water damage


Only 10,8kg – Allowed to be carried by one person​ as per HSE regulations

Just 30 seconds to install, with no need for drain or tray emptying

High dehumidification capacity, even at 30-50% and below 10°C

Durable, built to last and withstand harsh conditions

Water Damage Service



At Polygon Denmark, we are highly impressed with Cotes' dehumidifying solution for the damage service industry. ​ ​

We prefer to dry out using adsorption dehumidification rather than condensation dehumidification, as it is generally more efficient and works at low temperatures. Additionally, it eliminates issues with condensation elsewhere in the building. ​ ​

The Cotes CL26 is a highly effective dehumidifier where innovation solves the usual problems associated with dehumidifying equipment. The dehumidifier is small and very lightweight, which improves ergonomics. The Cotes Window Kit is a simple and time-saving way to dispose of the exhaust air. The Cotes dehumidifier is the preferred solution and thus in high demand among our technicians. We highly recommend Cotes' solution.​


Thomas Bernth Poder

Department Manager, Moisture at Polygon Copenhagen



30 seconds to install

Introducing the Cotes Window Kit, a new added feature to the Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers.

This innovative accessory, patent-applied,  is designed to optimise the dehumidification process by facilitating the seamless integration of our dehumidifiers with your environment.

Ultimately, it optimising water damage restoration through the use of desiccant dehumidification. 

Download the CL26 Product Datasheet HERE.

Cotes Window Kit_under 30 seconds_gif_low

30-50%RH is needed

To restore your environment to its pre-damage condition or better, maintaining a humidity level between 30-50% is crucial. This adheres to industry standards for optimal drying.

Explore the science behind effective water damage restoration and achieve the right dryness here: Optimal Humidity Range for Water Damage Restoration: 30-50%, below:

OI_Damage Service_Humidity Window_20240322_min

Best technology

In the needed humidity ranges of 30-50%, adsorption dehumidification outperforms other drying methods in efficiency and energy. It also works well at lower temperatures and voids problems with condensation elsewhere in the building.

Learn about the efficiency of adsorption dehumidifiers in water damage restoration below.



The CL26 dehumidifier is effectively tailored for drying out water-damaged spaces ranging from 100-150m³, efficiently operating across diverse temperature ranges.

This capability aligns with established industry standards, ensuring that restoration efforts are both effective and compliant. Read more below.

OI_Damage Service_CR240 Lightweight_20240322_min

Durability Test

Engineered for endurance, the CL26 thrives under stress, withstanding impacts and heavy use. Its design allows for easy stacking, optimising storage and mobility.

The innovative construction from recycled materials, blending 50% recycled grey plastic with 20% vibrant orange plastic, sets the CL26 apart.

Thus, making it a robust option for challenging environments. Watch the full durability test.


    Being a responsible company has always been part of the Cotes DNA.



    The CL26, with its efficient 1.14 kWh/l consumption at 20°C and 40% humidity, stands out as an energy-efficient solution.

    Built from recycled plastics, this unit reflects Cotes' commitment to sustainability and an ambitious path toward net-zero emissions. www.cotes.com/SUSTAINABILITY

    In collaboration with UNICEF, We Give Back The Water We Take www.cotes.com/UNICEF 


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