Cotes company update:

With the escalating global drive for sustainable and renewable energy sources, the market for wind energy has witnessed worldwide expansion in all segments, including onshore, nearshore, and offshore markets. Wind energy represents one of Cotes main business units. By supporting this emerging market, Cotes, along with the major players in this industry, aims to contribute to accelerating the green energy transition

The electricity generated from wind sources in the U.S. achieved an impressive milestone in 2020, surpassing 337 terawatt hours. The U.S. stands as the second-leading country globally in terms of newly installed wind power, following China. In 2020 alone, the country added approximately 16.9 gigawatts to its existing wind farm fleets. Among U.S. states, Texas emerged as the leader in new capacity installations, solidifying its position in the wind energy landscape. This is also where Cotes opened the U.S. sales office, more specifically in Houston. GE Renewable Energy holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of wind turbines based in the United States to which Cotes has supplied dehumidifiers since 2016. To support Cotes growing sales in the Wind market, Cotes is happy to welcome Ron Baldwin who will work on expanding our efforts and influence in the U.S. market. 

Ron has a long history of working in the renewables and environment industry. He is skilled in Energy Policy, Environmental Impact Assessment, Energy Efficiency, Risk Assessment, and Proposal Writing. Throughout his professional life, Ron has gained extensive experience and built a wide network within the wind energy sector. This experience includes his previous employment at KK Wind Solutions and subsequently at Bachmann Electronic GmbH

"I am excited to be supporting the growing U.S. wind market from a different point of view this time. When I learned about Cotes dehumidifiers, I thought it is a great way to reduce humidity issues which in turn reduces part failures of wind turbines."

Connect with Ron on LinkedIn and follow Cotes to stay updated on our journey of supporting the acceleration of the green energy transition. Cotes delivers the best and most sustainable adsorption dehumidifiers for the wind energy industry, Li-ion battery manufacturing, and many other industries.



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