Cotes company update:

In recent years, the wind energy market has experienced strong global growth in the onshore, nearshore and offshore markets. To further strengthen Cotes’ global wind energy team, we welcome Henrik Toft Kromann, who will join the sales team at our headquarters located in Aarhus, bringing with him more than 25 years of sales experience in the wind energy industry and other B2B industries. 

Henrik has several years of experience in the wind industry and has worked in sales for suppliers such as Enabl A/S and AH Industries. Henrik has lived and worked internationally in several locations around the world, showing his adaptability and resiliency - after all, "there are no problems, only challenges".

Now focused on protecting wind turbines from humidity with Cotes dry-air solutions, Henrik’s international sales skills and wind energy experience will help him to easily navigate his new role while identifying opportunities and finding the right solutions accordingly. In his previous roles, he has experienced how humidity can affect wind turbines and their components – both in nacelles and towers.

“The elements don’t wait for anyone; it is our job to give the extra push and help protect wind turbines from humidity-related issues, giving them an extended lifetime and more uptime. There are still many wind turbines without the right dry-air solutions, I look forward to using my international sales experience to help fight the invisible threat that is humidity.” 

At Cotes, we believe that the offshore wind market will be a hot topic in the coming years because much of the of green energy needed to meet the world's demand will be produced by offshore wind turbines. If we are to rely on this green energy, it is our job to protect it from humidity. Breakdowns in offshore wind turbines are costly both in terms of repair (costs of spare parts and transporting staff and equipment out to sea) and the loss of up-time and energy production. 

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