Torrential rain, floodwaters and flooding accidents can have catastrophic effects on buildings, infrastructure, businesses and homes. The humidity left behind by these events must be dealt with and adequately removed, otherwise, it can have negative and costly consequences:

  • Moisture damage caused until a balanced humidity can be established
  • Laminates, glue, glued-together fixtures and furnishings suffer significantly
  • Mould, fungi and bacterial growth affect the integrity, value and aesthetics
  • Refurbishment and rebuilding costs increase


Flooding itself causes considerable damage to buildings and their contents, and, to add insult to injury, additional damage can later occur from the resulting humidity until it is properly controlled. Humidity is exceptionally high when water has seeped into every crack and corner of a space, and when the materials present have effectively acted like sponges - soaking up and holding onto moisture.

Some types of structure, building elements and interior fittings need near-instant drying to avoid permanent damage, while other materials and components require slow, carefully controlled drying to avoid further damage. That is why controlled dehumidification is crucial.



Cramo is a leading European equipment rental services company based in Finland. The business used to only include traditional condensation dehumidifiers in its comprehensive range of machinery for hire.

That was until the summer of 2011 when a cloud burst caused heavy rains and flooding in Denmark and the Danish subsidiary of Cramo was suddenly faced with extraordinary demand for dehumidifiers.

The company decided to try some of Cotes Mobile adsorption dehumidifiers to help their customers dry their business premises, homes and basements, because they are small and easy to transport. In contrast with traditional condensation dehumidifiers, Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are easy to and require less electricity, making them cheaper in long run.


For a rental services company like Cramo, the durability of their equipment is important for return-on-investment calculations - the longer the equipment lasts and can be rented out, the better the profitability.

All Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are built for resilience and reliability, but Cotes Mobile units are designed to be exceptionally robust. This makes them ideal as rental equipment that will be moved around a lot, especially by people who may take less care because they do not actually own the equipment.

Cotes units work effectively at lower temperatures than traditional condensation dehumidifiers, and this means Cramo can rent them out throughout the entire year. This means the equipment is not sitting idle during winter, which has positive impacts on revenue.

“It's clear that Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are engineered for a lasting performance, reinforcing their value as a wise investmen for our operational needs." - Anders, Product Manager at Cramo


Construction companies, contractors, specialist craftsmen and equipment rental companies use Cotes dehumidifiers to help keep effective control of humidity levels in construction, refurbishment and rebuilding projects.

20210609 Productimage CR80 - Steel overlay-min-1CR80B

CR240 plastic no background

New lightweight CR240

20210609 Productimage CR240 - Steel overlay-min

CR240B / CR290B

20210609 Productimage CR400 - Steel overlay-min


Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers are lightweight, compact and built for moving from one room or space to another, and from one building site to another - with a handle for easy lifting and transport. They are also easily stackable and very tough - so they can stand up to the inevitable bumps and knocks in busy construction projects.

Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers range features units with air drying capacities of between 120 m3/hour and 400 m3/hour. They use a single ventilator for both process air and regeneration air, making them extremely compact.

Learn more about the Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers here.

The benefits of Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers

In addition to being small, compact and lightweight, Cotes Mobile adsorption dehumidifiers are remarkable for their:

  • Mobility-friendly design
  • Robustness
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Energy efficiency and low running costs
  • Easy, low-cost cleaning and maintenance
  • Effectiveness and high dehumidification capacity at low temperatures

Do you have issues with humidity?

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