Conventional building processes that use materials like poured concrete, mortar and plaster often involve considerable quantities of water. If you do not effectively manage the subsequent drying processes and control airborne humidity, you will likely have to deal with:  

  • Substandard building quality   
  • Higher construction and repair costs   
  • Missed deadlines and other schedule headaches   
  • Mould growth in interior spaces   
  • Glitches with fittings and fixtures

Construction work


Humidity is the concentration of moisture present in the air. High levels of humidity can result in a wide range of problems in the industrial processes and commercial operations of your business.

There is a lot of uncontrolled, invisible humidity in the air on most construction sites - especially before the structure is protected from the weather. Once sealed, there is often a lot of airborne humidity trapped inside the structure from materials like poured concrete, mortar, renders and plaster.

The quality and durability of these key materials often depend on how quickly and consistently they set and dry. If not dried properly, the chances of post-completion mould growth increases, not to mention other expensive, difficult-to-remedy glitches with fixtures and fittings.

Cotes partner in Norway, F-Tech, dried the bottom of a building that is 11 floors tall. According to the Norwegian experts, with only 23 hours of drying, the humidity level dropped from 25,1% to 13,8%, thanks to a CR240B.




Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers make it easier to effectively deal with the drying processes involved in construction work. And the sooner the interiors are dry - in accordance with set specifications - the sooner your teams and sub-contractors can get on with fixtures and fittings.

By extracting undesirable humidity from the air, Cotes' robust and reliable units provide effective control of the conditions. The regeneration cycle in the dehumidifier makes it easy to direct the excess humidity offsite or into appropriate runoffs or drainage outlets. You can place them exactly where you need them and move them around easily for maximum effect. Cotes dehumidifiers can operate automatically and unattended around the clock, controlled by a simple sensor that registers humidity levels at any given time.

Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers are lightweight, compact and built for moving from one room or space to another, or from one building site to another - with a handle for easy lifting and transport. They are stackable and very robust - so they can withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps of busy construction projects.

20210609 Productimage CR80 - Steel overlay-min-1CR80B

CR240 plastic no background

New lightweight CR240

20210609 Productimage CR240 - Steel overlay-min

CR240B / CR290B

20210609 Productimage CR400 - Steel overlay-min


Learn more about the Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers: Download Cotes Mobile Dehumidifiers Datasheet

The Mollier diagram is a helpful tool for understanding the relationship between air temperature and moisture content in a thermodynamic system and is a core element of our daily work at Cotes. If you want how to calculate your relative humidity and dew point: Download the Mollier diagram.

How building and construction work can benefit from a dry-air solution: 

  • Specific drying schedules for the exact needs of each site, space or structure with stable, controlled conditions means optimized timing for deadlines
  • Key spaces stay dry regardless of weather conditions and time of the year leading to faster completion times
  • Materials and structures dry at the correct speed - not too quickly or too slowly - creating better quality and greater customer satisfaction
  • Lower construction, refurbishment and rebuilding costs
  • Avoidance of knock-on practical problems associated with humidity
  • Less risk and uncertainty in completion schedules

Do you have issues with humidity?

If you would like to determine whether you need a dry-air solution in your production or want to explore what a custom dry-air strategy could entail for your business, please reach out to one of our trusted partners near you.