Cotes is thrilled to introduce the CL26, an innovative and game-changing adsorption dehumidifier that is set to redefine the water damage restoration process. This lightweight (only 10,8kg) yet powerful unit combines mobility, efficiency, and ease of installation in a way that has never been seen before in the industry.

What sets the CL26 apart is not just its performance, but also its ease of use. With our patent-applied Cotes Window Kit, installation is a breeze, taking just 30 seconds. No other solution on the market offers this level of convenience.


"The CL26 dehumidifier from Cotes efficiently reduces drying time, mitigating mould risk and allowing our customers to return to normality faster.
The dehumidifier is very light, making it easy for one person to handle. This is a significant advantage for us in terms of installation and logistics. The adsorption technology is a plus, as it can create a drier climate and work at low temperatures, too. With Cotes' window kit, the solution can be easily and quickly installed. After a thorough comparison, we see Cotes' solution as a wise choice for dehumidification after water damage. It is highly recommended!"

- Carsten Bæk Pedersen, Restoration Manager at ISV Trinava



The mission for Cotes is to dry the right way, and that counts for water damage too. While many solutions used today struggle to create a sufficiently dry environment, Cotes CL26 can achieve moisture removal rates of up to 1.1l/h at 20°C and 60%RH. More impressively, a 0.9l/h capacity is achieved at 20°C and 40%RH. This addresses the specific needs for water damage restoration outlined in the ANSI/IICRC S500-2021 and PAS 64:2013 standards. This precision ensures that restoration professionals can deliver optimal results with confidence.

Energy matters

With energy efficiency as low as 1,05kWh/l at 20c, 60% or 1,2kWh/l at 20c, 40% Cotes CL26 is energy efficient, thereby complying with the ESG strategy for most restoration professionals.

Why Choose Adsorption?

The rationale for focusing on adsorption dehumidification lies in its superior performance in low-humidity conditions, which is crucial for effective water damage restoration. The CL26 offers a solution that ensures faster drying times and more thorough moisture removal, facilitating a quicker return to normalcy for affected environments. Furthermore, adsorption technology is much more tolerant of lower temperatures and works well below zero degrees.



The CL26's design allows it to dry out spaces ranging from 100-150m³, depending on the severity of water damage. This capacity ensures that a single unit can effectively address moisture in a sizable area, streamlining the restoration process and reducing the need for multiple units.

Install in 30 seconds
Cotes-Window-Kit-Thmubnail_20240205 A common challenge with desiccant dehumidifiers is getting rid of the wet reactivation air. Cotes has ingeniously addressed this issue by introducing the patent-applied window kit, which can be installed effortlessly in just 30 seconds. This solution simplifies the setup and enhances the overall efficiency of the dehumidification process.

More that counts

The CL26 has a MID-certified kWh counter, an hour counter, and an external hygrostat that can be attached. The cabinet is partially made of recycled plastic, and the design has been made for extensive use. The ducting is prepared for NPU nipples for fast installation on site. The design is made for stacking in the warehouse and van (we have succeeded in putting 51 dehumidifiers in a standard van).


The introduction of the CL26 adsorption dehumidifier marks a milestone in Cotes' commitment to innovation and sustainability in water damage restoration. With its portability, drying capacity, and energy efficiency, the CL26 is poised to redefine the industry's standards, ensuring that professionals can access the most efficient, effective, and user-friendly dehumidification technology.

If you are in the water damage restoration industry and aiming for greener practices while saving costs, get in touch with us.

Cotes can help you find the right dry-air solution for water damage services, offering a competitive edge in water damage restoration.

Contact Thomas Rønnow, Business Development Manager and Owner of Cotes, for more details at tro@cotes.com.


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