Since 2016, Cotes has delivered dehumidifiers to GE Renewable Energy, protecting wind turbines from high humidity levels throughout the operational lifespan of GE Haliade 150-6MW turbines. The cooperation between Cotes and GE will now advance further, as GE appoints Cotes as supplier to the Haliade-X turbines one of the most powerful offshore wind turbine in operation today. 

The right way to dry the Haliade-X

wind-offshore-haliade-x-prototype-aerial-2-3000px-minImage above: Haliade-X Prototype fitted with a Cotes adsorption dehumidifier [Dry-air solution].

“It is essential to us that our turbines are reliable and deliver to their full potential with as little downtime as is absolutely necessary," Sébastien Hirot, Supply Chain Program Manager at GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind. 

The unique dry-air solution that Cotes provides GE Renewable Energy, a combined desalter and dehumidifier, is now approved for global Haliade-X wind farm projects starting with the Dogger Bank projects in the North Sea.

The Dogger Bank project is expected to be commissioned in 2023 and if you were to look inside the Dogger Bank substation you will also see a Cotes adsorption [desiccant] dehumidifier and desalter protecting the sensitive electrical equipment from humidity and corrosion-related electrical faults. Future GE projects like Vineyard Wind, the first utility-scale commercial offshore wind farm in the US, will also have Cotes dry-air solution installed in the wind turbine tower.  

“We’re really pleased that GE Renewable Energy selected Cotes and our patented technology to manage humidity conditions inside their turbines, and we look forward to furthering collaboration. We’re proud to be involved in securing the lowest possible Levelized cost of energy for GE and their customers,” explains Cotes CEO, Martin Brøchner-Mortensen.

The benefits of a Cotes dehumidifier in Haliade-X wind turbine

Why is dehumidification important in offshore wind turbines? 

Offshore turbines are operating in harsh maritime environments full of salt and airborne moisture which is one of the primary sources of disruption in operations – damaging critical systems and resulting in costly problems inside the turbine tower and nacelle. The patented Cotes dehumidifier and desalter filters away salts and removes most of the humidity from the air that enters the turbine through small gaps and openings. It then blows a flow of dry, clean air into the tower, creating an overpressure that protects the installation and personal within—creating a safe and healthy indoor environment. 

To date, Cotes has supplied dehumidifiers with a unique, patented desalting solution for over 924 MW of GE Haliade 150-6MW offshore projects:  

  • Block Island: 30 MW offshore wind farm with 5 turbines, Rhode Island, United States, in operation since 2016. 
  • Merkur: 396 MW offshore wind farm with 66 turbines, North Sea, Germany, in operation since 2019. 
  • Parc éolien en mer de Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm: 480 MW offshore wind farm with 80 turbines, Saint-Nazaire, France, scheduled to be in operation in 2022. 
  • Fuqing project: 18 MW offshore wind turbines, China 

About Cotes 

Cotes develops, manufactures, and sells the best adsorption dehumidifiers on the market and has the experience and industry know-how to find the right dry-air solution for your business needs. Since 1986, Cotes has delivered more than 100.000 superbly engineered, high-quality adsorption dehumidification solutions to clients around the world. Cotes is the trusted dry-air solution provider to some of the biggest names in the global wind energy, food production and lithium-ion battery manufacturing to mention a few, both big and small businesses alike. With headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, and production and R&D facilities in both Denmark and Poland, Cotes is ready to help you find the right way to dry.   


Speak to a Cotes expert or ask for a test

If you think you could benefit from reduced drying out times in your wind turbines and would like to participate in similar testing of Cotes dry-air solutions, please contact our Wind Sales Manager Henrik Toft Kromann on LinkedIn or write him at We strive to find the right dry-air solution for your business regardless of your location, turbine type, or humidity concern! 


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